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I agree with all the stakeholders you mentioned and the various assumptions you made about them. There is however an insight that I would like to add to the…
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RESPONSE TO POST AND CONCLUSION LECTURER: Response to The aspect of your answers that caught my attention most had to do with the assumptions that are attached to an EOP. I agree with all the stakeholders you mentioned and the various assumptions you made about them. There is however an insight that I would like to add to the points you made. Particularly, you failed to give rationale for the various assumptions you made. However, I believe that before any assumption can be rightly validated or disproved, it must be based on a very formidable background. Based on the assumptions you made, I am of the opinion that emergency service workers must constantly correspond with other stakeholders at the state and federal levels to know their lines of programme. This way, it will be possible to make accurate assumptions that will impact on planning positively because assumptions have influence on planning (Bush, 2005).
Response to Student 2
I perfectly agree with the position you took on the purposes of EOP, especially when it comes to the aspect of planning. I would agree with you that planning is an important tool for achieving efficiency and for avoiding waste (Dudo, Dunwoody & Scheufele, 2011). Very often, emergency workers approach emergency events with virtually no idea about outcomes to expect. This happens when there is poor planning towards such events. Having an EOP can therefore help in ensuring that emergency workers abreast themselves with possibilities of emergency outcomes so that they can make the right preparations to them. An additional insight that I will like to add to your point is that whiles preparing emergency operations plans, it is important to take much inspiration from past events. I believe that it is based on past events that the right planning can be made to achieve efficiency.
Response to Student 3
While you were opining on the questions/issues that must be addressed by an EOP, you made very important points which I agree with very perfectly. One of these was the point you made about the community. I agree with well that the community has a role to play in emergency management and that it is always very important to ask questions about the roles that the community can play in times of emergency. Once the role of the community is clearly defined, it will be possible to get the very best from them in times of emergency. The situation where community members interrupt the work of the emergency workers will also be avoided. This is because there will be distinctions between what they are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to you.
There are several things that have been learnt as part of this week’s lesson. Some of these include the following:
The reason it is important to go ahead of an emergency event with a plan
The relationship that exists between the local, state, and federal stakeholders
The key assumptions that must back the preparation of an EOP
The most necessary questions and input that must be considered while preparing an EOP
With all the lessons above, it can be conclude that the week’s lesson has been very important in setting the pace for comprehensive planning to be done for any future events that have to do with the handling of emergencies. The comprehensiveness of the plan will be achieved because it will not be designed while taking into consideration the role that all stakeholders can plan. This way, pressure will be taken from one person but evenly distributed among all identified stakeholders.
Bush, V. (2005). Science: The Endless Frontier. National Science Foundation: Washington
Dudo, A. D., Dunwoody, S., & Scheufele, D. A. (2011). "The emergence of nano news: Tracking thematic trends and changes in U.S. newspaper coverage of nanotechnology". Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly Vol. 88 No. 5: pp. 55–75. Read More
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