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The Pros and Cons of Witnessed Resuscitation - Essay Example

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Within the advent of witnessed resuscitation, there have been many arguments on the pros and cons of regulations and methods. The consideration of witnessed resuscitation at one time was a closed subject, and none were allowed to witness the resuscitation efforts of a loved one…
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The Pros and Cons of Witnessed Resuscitation
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Extract of sample "The Pros and Cons of Witnessed Resuscitation"

Download file to see previous pages The British Medical Journal provides a great deal of evidence toward an understanding of witnessed resuscitation. In their article titled Push to Allow Relatives to Witness Resuscitation, the British Medical Journal discusses a report published by the Resuscitation Council and its recommendations. The recommendations included a consideration to allow witnessed resuscitation attempts by the relatives of the patient and that the medical staff should be trained appropriately in such consideration. The council further recognises that the suggestion is quite controversial in nature and that training and support are necessary for staff to cope with extraneous stress resulting from such interactions. "Perceived advantages were that relatives could see that everything possible was done for the dying person and that their presence might have some positive benefit on the outcome." (Wise, J; BMJ; 1996) The article by BMJ continues to state that paediatricians are actually in favour of having witnessed resuscitation by relatives but that physicians and anaesthetists would be against such inclusion. The fear would be that the presence of relatives during resuscitation would produce undue increased stress on the staff. Further concerns include the consideration that the resuscitation realities may in fact prove distressing to the relatives themselves. Considerations also have been drawn in whether the presence of relatives as they witness resuscitation when attempts fail and the decision to stop resuscitation attempts in regard to interference, either physical or emotional, which may hinder staff involved in the attempt.
The Royal College of Nursing during their annual congress in Bournemouth heard that the allowance of witnessed resuscitation by relatives may assist them in coming to terms with the loss of a loved one more easily. The call for guidelines for relatives and staff was made. This is important for both relatives and staff, to have the understanding and guidelines to provide them the rights and abilities to treat the patient as swiftly as possible using every possible measure and also to give relatives the ability to oversee without interference, and with the understanding that the nurses and doctors would stop only if there were no response for a certain, specific period of time. There are those who warn that relatives may prove a hindrance and the experience may be traumatic as well. The staff, according to this conference, "must be trained on the issue and relatives must have access to counselling afterwards." (BBC News; April 6, 2000) Casualty nurse Mike Smith in the BBC News article tells how he before last Christmas would have been against witnessed resuscitation by relatives. His mindset altered this past Christmas upon treating a dying victim from a road crash. "For six hours we tried to resuscitate him and outside his family waited anxiously. As we became aware that we were losing the battle to save him the decision was taken to allow his family - all nine of them - into the resuscitation room." (BBC News; April 6, 2000)
One such study of witnessed resuscitation was researched by Elaine Cole. The information provided in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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