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Evidence and Expert Interview - Term Paper Example

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Leadership Development and Organizational Management for Healthcare Advancement Your Name Chamberlain College of Nursing Course Number: Course Name Term and Year Leadership Development and Organizational Management for Healthcare Advancement Medical practitioners are called by their profession to demonstrate leadership while practicing their medical role to advance their ability on management…
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Evidence and Expert Interview Paper
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Download file to see previous pages As stipulated in my goals paper aims “to explicate the relevance of holistic leadership in healthcare among doctors, nurses, health-based social workers, and psychologists (Connor, 2007). It also aimed at “inculcating knowledge on healthcare to engage them in self-care management for quality living. This practitioner maximized the experts’ opinions in completing the goals “(Connor, 2007). Leadership Development The theories on leadership can be acquired through formal education or by alternative trainings aimed at enhancing their capacities to handle organizational development and management (Connor, 2007). Leadership was defined by experts as about possessing such core competence to strategically achieve desired results and outcomes using planning, programming, implementation, and harnessing all possibilities through evaluation and regular monitoring (Kellie, et. al, 2010). Leadership can either be transformational, transactional, charismatic, and principle-centered. All of them direct human resources of an organization to be steadfast in working in according to their vision, mission, goals and programs (Kellie, et. al, 2010). Nowadays, medical practitioners require that they should be multidisciplinary in knowledge and in approaches in dealing with multicultural patients (Kellie,, 2010). They do not only provide diagnoses and prescription of medication but also teach patients about the symptoms of their illnesses, the consequential actions that should be undertaken, the required relations and support from their respective family, the necessary diet that should be strictly enforced for quality health, and to understand not only the patient’s physiological aspect but also their psychological being, including the nature of the relations within his or her immediate family (Kellie,, 2010). This complex way of dealing with the patients is part of the reform agenda of healthcare management in advanced and emerging nations to help nurture among patients such self –reliance and efficacy in healthcare management. The bottom line here is for patients to acquire fundamental knowledge about the extent of personal management they could do to ensure too that life will be prolonged and their lifestyles are directed to positive light. Vast knowledge is available for health care consumption in clinics and from expert medical practitioners, which can be obtained through proper consultation. Related practices can be directly and can be comparatively observed from patients too under hospital or in home-based care. Credible Websites Some of the credible websites that can be maximized to source out general information to advance leadership in healthcare practices are the;;; the website of the Department of Health;; the NHS, and those accessible online healthcare journals from universities and public health. In the website of otherwise known as the American Journal for Managed Care (2013a), experts discussed about the significance of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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