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Dissertation: Are family members significant to female entrepreneurs' success in Shanghai - Research Paper Example

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These sources help in identifying the areas the Shanghai women got motivation. The researchers had a large pool of data sources. It ranges from documentary sources, some secondary sources, various transcripts, interviews, life stories, general…
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Dissertation: Are family members significant to female entrepreneurs success in Shanghai
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Extract of sample "Dissertation: Are family members significant to female entrepreneurs' success in Shanghai"

Download file to see previous pages These interviews consisted of both written and recorded information.
This research mainly wanted direct information from the Shanghai businesspersons. Most parts of their argument majored in their families. They related their success to a strong family background and supportive husband or children. With this, the research prepared interview samples for family members too. Interviews are helpful for getting the story behind the participant’s experiences(Blessing, 2012, p. 56). This is a very useful tool for the researchers, because family information is important for this research.
The written samples of the interviews had a section that required correspondents to give their details. These are like the names, place of residence, and their occupations. Information like this will make it easy for researchers to make a follow up. This happens in times of misinformation and wrong data. The report demands researchers to use effectively their research skills and give efficient results. These demands make interviewers always prepare for following in times of misinformation.
The research in Shanghai used various techniques in their interview process. The diagram above shows the techniques used in interviewing. There was a very large group of respondents. This demanded the researchers to organize their interview plan very efficiently. The secondary data, example, third party correspondents did not have interview sessions. Primary data is the important tool in this paper. In organizing the interview sessions, the researcher divided this primary data into two. These are the qualitative data and quantitative data(King, 2010, p. 98). Most businesspersons gave their level of profits realizations in terms of data. This is an example of qualitative data present in this paper. Most of this information about qualitative data came from general observations (McCracken, 1988, p. 148).
The researchers counted the number of businesses operated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Dissertation: Are Family Members Significant to Female entrepreneurs' Research Paper.
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