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The Effects of Gender Inequality amongst Female Students - Dissertation Example

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The major purpose of the research study is to assess female students and academic performance at University level. In addition, it will investigate the effects of gender inequality towards academic success and career attainment…
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The Effects of Gender Inequality amongst Female Students
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Download file to see previous pages Variables explaining academic performance and career attainment In the study, the IVs were selected based on literature and availability of research data. The IVs are categorized into two main areas, i.e. school based and home based. Based on these criteria, there are three sets of IVs identified: school characteristics, home characteristics, and student characteristics. The first set of IVs comprise of family characteristics that include variables for household occupation and income, parents education level, size of the family, and home ownership. This needed information covering the home environment of the students that could have an effect on academic performance and, by extension, career attainment. This interview is to request information regarding family structure, income, occupation, educational background, and age (Faid-Douglas, 2010: p12). The 2nd IV set comprises of the characteristics of individual students in relation to class attendance level, gender, year of study, scholastic activities, and the perceptions held on parental participation, perceptions, and support. It also covers the time spent by the student on studies, parental involvement level, and their willingness to follow up. This should help elicit information regarding various motivational, attitudinal, and situational characteristics inherent in the students (McCray, 2010: p11). The third set of IVs is school characteristics that involve school facilities and infrastructure, model female lecturers, commitment and qualification of teachers, and lecturer to student ratio. The questions were structured to generate information on the lecturers from the students that could help the research study explain the variations, in the student profiles of...
This paper stresses that one ethical issue that was considered during the study was consent. The researcher explained to the participants what the study was about, as well as what was involved. The participants were also informed that they possessed the ability to deny their consent or even to withdraw their consent any time that they wished. Failing to inform them fully of what the study entailed or even using the results after the withdrawal of consent was totally avoided. Another ethical issue that was considered was anonymity where the participants were not identified using their real names or used in any other way, for instance, in books or articles concerning the research. The participants were not identified in any way, and wherever it was necessary, an alias was used. The author stresses that these are some of the major constraints and limitations of the research study based from the collection of data, its analysis, and interpretation. The first is minimal coverage of the available secondary data in the topic being studied and the probability that their quality is low. In the University, data on female performance in comparison to their male counterparts were not well documented and organized.
This report makes a conclusion that the requirement for the study included trips to the research survey areas and foot travel around the campus, which was difficult to follow according to plan. The budget shortage, along with other consequences, had caused the sample survey to be limited in the number of departments and schools covered. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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