Female Gender Dynamics in Elementary and Secondary Education - Essay Example

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Throughout academic history, males have received educational preference over women in the United States. This problem of educational bias against women has been addressed numerous times and in recent history efforts have been made to create gender equality in the academic setting…
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Female Gender Dynamics in Elementary and Secondary Education
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Download file to see previous pages When addressing the gender bias it has frequently been asked if males and females are different as a result of social or biological reasons (Frawley, 2005). Unfortunately, the answer does nothing to change the fact that men and women are viewed in different ways and are expected to act in different manners. The differences that exist in the educational arena can be traced to society's views on acceptable behavior of men and women. Because males and females are expected to act in different ways, it is impossible to expect them to act in the same ways within the classroom setting. Instead, the differences in male and female behavior need to be correctly identified and taken into consideration when it comes to curricula in schools.
The differences that exist in the education of men and women can be traced back to social views of the two genders. Traditionally, males have been more educated than females. In addition, males have been expected to achieve more intellectually as a result of the belief that men are smarter and more capable of intellectual accomplishment than women. In addition, women have been viewed in as inferior in academic settings and as a result, less encouraged to excel in academia. The effects of these views can still be seen in the behavioral differences that exist between males and females in classrooms (Banks, 2004).
In colonial America, females received a very minimal education in the form of dame schools only at a very young age. The education of females at these schools consisted of learning how to correctly perform household duties that would be expected of them when they married. Classes consisted of cooking and sewing. Very few females knew how to read or write. In fact, "less than one-third of the women in colonial America could even sign their names" (Banks, p. 136). The reading females were taught was for the sole purpose of reading the bible to their children.
In order to fully grasp the inferior education females have historically received, understand that "not until the 1970s and 1980s did they win the right to be admitted to previously all-male Ivy League colleges and universities" (Banks, p.136). Only thirty-six years have passed since then. When looking at education from a historical perspective, the education of women is still extremely recent and we have a long way to go before gender equality is reached in classrooms.
The gender inequality has been so documented that in 1995, a Gender Equality Act was passed. As a result of this act, many teachers received special training on how to create a sense of gender equality within their classrooms (WikEd, 2005). Because much of the gender bias of teachers was subconscious, training in this area has been extremely beneficial in creating more equality for females in elementary and secondary schools.

Use of Language, Time and Space
Males and females are proven to have different linguistic styles. Males are louder, more assertive, and more aggressive in their speech than women. Females tend to speak in a softer tone with more hesitation. In addition, women are more likely to turn a statement into a question and follow it with a "tag" question ("don't you think"). Because of their linguistic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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