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Critically assess the ways in which ethnicity intersects other social divisions in the creation of social and economic disadvant - Essay Example

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Critically assess the ways in which ethnicity intersects other social divisions in the creation of social and economic disadvantage for some ethnic groups in Britain The stratification of social groups is a complicated phenomenon and the notion usually varies with respect to territorial disintegration…
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Critically assess the ways in which ethnicity intersects other social divisions in the creation of social and economic disadvant
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Extract of sample "Critically assess the ways in which ethnicity intersects other social divisions in the creation of social and economic disadvant"

Download file to see previous pages The concentration of values of different capitals and power concentration leads to the benefit of a section of the society while make it worse off for some other parts of the society (Social Class, 2012). In this respect, ethnicity is one of the major parameters associated with social capital and in Britain it has been empirically found that ethnic minorities have been subjected to various disadvantages. The social scientists have propounded intersection theory which states that the intersection of race, class and gender fetches multiple disadvantages to the people in the societal and economic forefront (Macionis, 2006, p.350). Ethnicity forms one of the most important dimensions of identities of minority ethnic group but at the same time intersect with other social divisions like that of “age, ability, class, gender and sexuality” (Craig et al, 2012, p.211). In this essay, the main focus is to carry out a critical assessment of the ways in which ethnicity intersects other social divisions in the creation of social and economic disadvantage for some ethnic groups in Britain. ...
They disintegrate ethnic groups within a society into two broad groups and they are ethnic majorities and ethnic minorities. In the British context it can be stated that the ethnic majority are White English Britons. The ethnic minorities in Britain primarily accounts for the people of Black and Asian origin but people of Scotland and Wales and people of Irish descendant are also regarded as ethnic minority in Britain (Walsh, Stephens & Moore, 2000, p.74). The populations of the nations of the global north and west have in particular become more diverse with the increase in number of migrants with varied territorial origins. The notion of ‘superdiversity’ has come into the forefront with studies of Vertovec (2006, 2007a) and he has defined the movement of the migrants as “ dynamic interplay of variables among an increased number of new, small and scattered, multiple origin, transnationally connected, socio-economically differentiated and legally stratified immigrants who have arrived over the last decade” . The concept of superdiversity not only considers the ethnicity but also includes variables like differential immigration status, gender, age, race, economic mobility, social class, locality, sexuality and so on (Jones, Blackledge & Creese, 2012, p.7). Now, the subsequent section focus will be given on education. Education and the ethnic minority- cultural capital theory Education is the most important socio-economic parameter which can reflect inequalities among various social classes and proper attainment and non attainment of which generates social and economic opportunities as well as deprivation simultaneously. Even for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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