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The reporter describes David Cole as a recognized Jewish Holocaust revisionist who grew up and was educated in Los Angeles. Moreover, he is born as a Jew with a German Jew biological father and grew up with an English Jew father figure. …
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David Cole: Jewish Holocaust Revisionist
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Download file to see previous pages He also went to Europe to film the concentration camps. He expressed queries regarding the different facts given about the Holocaust specifically the presence of gas chambers in concentration camps. Because of the pertinent expression of his views that questioned the validity of certain aspects of the Holocaust, he was threatened and assaulted in different manners (Cole and Smith; Kultbooksamerica Account Youtube).
In 1992, 22nd of January he was attacked by members of the Jewish Defense League, the group who also offered a monetary reward for information about Cole after he went hiding in 1994. A limited amount of trusted information can be achieved regarding David Cole’s life and death which can be attributed to the contradictions and threats that led him to hide from the public eyes (Cole and Smith; Kultbooksamerica Account Youtube).
David Cole dedicated significant years of his young life to the study of the issues revolving around the Holocaust. In September 1992, Cole went to visit and to investigate the German prison and labor camps in different parts of Europe used in World War II to hold Jews, prisoners-of-war, resistance fighters, Gypsies, and people recognized as the enemies of the Third Reich. One of his main focuses is the visit to Auschwitz in Poland considered as the largest concentration camp which stopped operation in January 1945 when it was liberated after the war (Cole and Smith).
Although a Jew by birth, David Cole wanted to clear his perspective regarding certain issues related to the Holocaust so he considered himself as a skeptic when he visited Auschwitz. He presented points of queries regarding the information disseminated in the tour around the camp in his documentary regarding his visit. To clear his perspective and to answer the questions he had, he interviewed the senior curator, Dr. Franciszek Piper. His interview and observations in Auschwitz can be summarized at different points that questioned the orthodox belief on the event referred to as the Holocaust (Cole and Smith). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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