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Nursing Theory in Research Name Institutional affiliation Nursing Theory in Research 1. Defining “Theory” There is no single definition that can fully cover the term “theory”. However, for the purpose of this essay, “theory” can be defined as a set of inter-related concepts that explain what natural phenomena are, how, and why they occur (Basavanthappa, 2007)…
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Theory in Research
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Download file to see previous pages In essence, the development of nursing theory relies on the amount and type of research that has been conducted in this field (Fitzpatrick & Wallace, 2006). In the nursing profession, there are many theories that help explain clinical occurrences, thus, helping nurses during practice. 2. Relationship between Nursing Theory and Research Hall’s theory of core, care, and cure is one of the theories that have contributed greatly towards successful nursing practice (Fitzpatrick & Wallace, 2006). Care is about the pro-active bodily care given to patients, which leads to good patient-nurse relationships. Core, on the other hand, involves the use of communication to get information from the patient about their health status. Finally, Fitzpatrick & Wallace (2006) state that the element of cure involves the administration of medicine and other forms of cure that are necessary for the patient’s wellbeing. In this theory, therefore, nursing is involved with attending to the person, through communication, taking care of the body through hands-on attention, and combating the disease through medical procedures involving drugs and other forms of treatment. ...
Nursing theories are useful to practitioners in terms of providing descriptions, explanations, and predictions for clinical events. However, circumstances do not always allow people to exercise all these recommendations, causing diseases and injuries to occur. When this happens, nursing intervention is required to help the patient regain good health. In this theory, the nurse establishes a good relationship with the patient and helps them coordinate their daily activities so as to re-establish proper healthcare. Analyzing the contributions that the two theories make to nursing practice, it is evident that none of theories can provide the basis for research on its own. While Orem teaches about how nurses can facilitate self-care, Hall is more focused on how overall care should be provided by nursing professionals systematically. This goes to show that nursing should be based on a number of theories, in order to come up with comprehensive results. 3. Definition of Terms A case study is a methodological research conducted on particular entities, over a specific amount of time, with the aim of solving a problem and demonstrating a given hypothesis. Ethnography is a type of research conducted in order to investigate how human beings behave in their natural setting. It analyses such aspects as culture, behavior, and norms, which influence human behavior. As a research method, grounded theory deals with a study of how social interactions among people contribute to the formation of meaning to certain aspects of life. This theory aims at analyzing which particular processes within the society affect the majority, and what those processes are. Phenomenology is a study of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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