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The Importance of Living a Healthy Lifestyle with Proper Nutrition and Exercise - Research Paper Example

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Nurses work in environments that are not conducive to practicing healthy lifestyles. There are a lot of constraints for them that hinder them from making healthy choices. It is one of the duties of nurses to promote health and prevent diseases and this can be achieved if the nurses themselves are living healthy lifestyles and it will be discussed here…
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The Importance of Living a Healthy Lifestyle with Proper Nutrition and Exercise
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Download file to see previous pages It would be ideal if nurses be the primary examples of healthy living for their patients rather than be bad influences. In this regard, this paper aims to (1) Confirm the actual health status of nurses in a local hospital and how it is affecting the treatment of patients, (2) suggest ways on how to incorporate healthy lifestyle choices for nurses in the hospital, and (3) Get the potential impact of better lifestyle practices of nurses with regards to their patients. Patients will be more responsive with adapting healthier and better lifestyles if the nurses attending them are also practicing healthy life styles. II. Review of Literature In 2003, Hasselthorn et al. (as cited by Hensel, 2009, p.42-43) performed an experiment among 33,491 nurses from across 10 European Countries and studied their views of health and work ability using the Work Ability Index (WAI). Highly stressed and burned out individuals showed lower WAI scores while nurses with good health are the ones with higher WAI scores. He and his colleagues observed that from all the nurses who participated in the study, there was twice the probability of nurses leaving their profession if they had low WAI scores than those with higher WAI scores. The nurses’ perception of their health also affects their perception of how well they are able to do their job. Health affects competence and this is one of the biggest reasons why nurses quit their jobs regardless of gender or age. If the health of nurses is on a decline, then the population of practicing nurses will continue to decline and the shortage for nurses will continue placing much stress and burden to those nurses who chose to remain in service. Without nurses, hospitals (may it be private or state owned and run) will cease...
This essay stresses that the data will be collected and tabulated from the survey questionnaires and will be analyzed for trends and patterns for the nurse’s perspective and the patient’s perspective. This data will be compared to the data gathered in different sources and the trends will also be compared. Depending on the constraints identified by the nurses on why they can’t pursue a healthy lifestyle, recommendations will be given and a healthy lifestyle program will be designed to cater to the nurses’ needs. Many of the diseases common nowadays can be prevented or eased by lifestyle choices, and nurses have the vantage point in influencing their patients to make to make healthy choices
This report makes a conclusion that the administration of the hospital will also be given a copy of the results of this paper. If given the chance, the implication of the results of the survey will be reported to them and the necessary actions that they will have to undertake will also be suggested so as to help them get their nurses to fulfill their duties better. The administrators of the hospital will actually benefit from this study the most because with a few adjustments in their policies and also with the support that they will be giving to help nurses life healthier, then they will reap the rewards of having a nursing staff with less sick days and more patients will come to their hospitals because their nurses don’t only give prescribed medicine or monitor their vitals, but they are concerned about the health and wellbeing of the patients even outside the hospital. This type of care will boost profits for the hospital, and the administrators have the power and capability to make all of these possible just by being sensitive to the health needs of their nurses. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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