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Review on Move Yourself: The Cooper Clinic Medical... by Tedd Mitchell, Tim Church, Martin Zucker - Book Report/Review Example

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Book Review: Move yourself – the Cooper Clinical Medical Director’s Guide to all the healing benefits of Exercise I believe in healthy living and understand the importance of having good food. Until recently, I was under the belief that having the right balance in my diet was adequate to lead a healthy life…
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Book review on Move Yourself: The Cooper Clinic Medical... by Tedd Mitchell, Tim Church, Martin Zucker
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Extract of sample "Review on Move Yourself: The Cooper Clinic Medical... by Tedd Mitchell, Tim Church, Martin Zucker"

Download file to see previous pages The book titled ‘Move Yourself: The Cooper Clinic Medical Director’s Guide to all the healing benefits of Exercise’ by Ted Mitchell is a unique source that advises readers on the importance of eating healthy and following an active exercise pattern. After reading this book, I am totally convinced of the importance of working out regularly using the right mix of exercises (Mitchell, 2008). The title of the book not only projects the benefits of exercise and fitness, but also suggests that exercises have the ability to cure existing ailments. The book begins from the grassroots level using the assumption that the average reader does not have much insight into the specifics of exercises. While this book does not describe exercises that create bodybuilders, it nevertheless drives home the advantage of including even the lightest forms of exercise into our daily lives. This book has allowed me to estimate the degree of my ‘sedentary lifestyle’ and has enhanced my seriousness towards becoming healthier through proper exercise (Pg. 99-108) (Mitchell, 2008). Another notable feature of this book is the ability of the authors to connect many different elements to paint a broader picture of healthy living. For instance, there is elaborate discussion on the importance of consistency in exercising regularly and its relevance to blood flow across the body. The authors build upon surveys and studies conducted on a large number of people to draw upon the significance of weight reduction on digestion and blood pressure. The authors also explain of how the body is capable of responding to exercise by citing examples like sore joints and back pain that can be cured through jogging or walking. In this modern era where diabetes has evolved into a common and widespread disease, the relationship between blood sugar and exercise is thoroughly discussed. I am now aware that leading a sedentary lifestyle makes me vulnerable to liver disease after having read this book. The book also helps develop reasonable and achievable targets in parameters like weight reduction and advises reader to focus on quality rather than quantity. In other words, rather than worrying about the distance one can run or the total weight one can lift, the book prescribes readers to be regular in their exercise, even if it is only for a few minutes. The book is also noteworthy for recommending exercise as a cheerful and enjoyable activity that provides an ever growing benefit (Pg. 127–150) (Mitchell, 2008). While exercise is an important component for developing a healthy life, it alone is not sufficient. Helm (2006) details the importance of identifying a wholesome and nutritious diet to go with routine exercise if one is to stay free from diseases. He further clarifies that relying on exercise is not necessarily sufficient for reducing weight since there is every possibility of the presence of inter-abdominal fat. He cites several cases where people were able to reduce their waistlines through exercise but could not detect any relative reduction in weight. I personally find this book useful since the recommended programs are not overwhelming and can be easily accommodated into my daily routine without any noticeable disruptions. Performing regular exercise has transformed my life. I now feel more confident, energetic and can relate myself to eating and sleeping at proper times. The book has given excellent tips on how to overcome any bouts of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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