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A performance Project in the Nursing profession Professors: Institution name: Submission date: When dealing in paediatrics, the majority of the health care professionals often face a number of challenges due to their delicate nature. This is because this category of patients is composed of children, infants and adolescents who are quite sensitive to handle and thus deserve high quality and specialized care…
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Development of a Quality/Performance Improvement Process in Professional Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages Ina lot instances, it becomes very difficult for the nurses to prevent chronic diseases in such patients. In spite of all these challenges, nurses often take up the challenge and deliver quality services to this vulnerable group. They face the considerable challenge applying all the health disciplines when treating the patient so as to solve their health problems. The rationale for the improvement of the project is that proper care needs to be taken so as to ensure that this group of patients recuperates faster and gets access to high quality as well as specialized health care. Mechanisms need to be put in place to ease difficulties experienced by minors as this will ensure that they get better access to health care. This is the reason why improvements need to be made in the system in place so that it is able to guarantee the patients a safe stay as well as quality paediatric care at the medical centre, according to the World Health Organization and The International Council of Nurses (2007). ...
The goals of project improvement are that there are education programs that will be set up in prisons as well as neighbourhoods so as to educate people on health topics as well as different ways to handle the health conditions of the minorities. As a result, nurses will be able to reach out to about 20,000 residents not counting other regular patients, which is a major step in the nursing profession. To make this possible, the health care professionals will need to undertake door-to-door campaigns that will serve the same purpose of educating people on the benefits of hygiene as well as the pre-requisites for proper health care (World Health Organization & International Council of Nurses, 2007). The main objective of this move is to educate the population on the benefits of hygiene and proper nutrition as pre-requisites to proper and quality health care. This will move towards cutting down the number of children who fall ill following poor hygiene and sanitation, thus improving their well-being. On the other hand, this will help in removing segregation and discrimination from the medical field. They will be able to shed light on lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity to mention but a few, as well as the importance of vaccination of people from all kinds of social background. Mental issues will also be handled as well as HIV/AIDs prevalence and prevention, especially for the teenagers (Brunner & Smeltzer, 2010). The minorities often suffer from diseases that emanate from poor nutrition; hence, they suffer from diseases such as marasmus and kwashiorkor. Also, the minorities’ lack of financial resources often bars them from health care as they often fear being asked ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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