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Nursing and Midwifery - Essay Example

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Nursing and Midwifery Date Position of Knowledge, Competence and Professional Performance 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. Definition and Milieu The buzz word knowledge which refers to the set of ideas and instructions of the formulating aspects of life, along with competence which is the continuous struggle of human beings to serve more efficiently when applied into active formulation create practice; are like many other words in health care, but they are of more significance…
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Nursing and Midwifery
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Download file to see previous pages The previous two steps which are believed to be never ending are then accompanied by performance. Hence, this is a lengthy one for professionals as it is not just based on learning but also on its outcomes in the professional practice, which is why Eraut (2000: pp.234) has put forth that other than its effects on the evaluation regarding the outcomes of professional work, it also impacts its nature. 1.2. Validity of Knowledge, Competence and Practice in Nursing and Midwifery When health care professionals face a situation in which different sources of knowledge, the opportunity for competence, and the adequacy of performance are put forth for selection, such a process is extremely vital for them in structuring their future. The process of coming to a decision regarding the limitation of knowledge and goal achievement may either be commenced through logical verification or commonsensical conjectures. Where health care individuals are still not aware of how far they have come, in nursing however, knowledge, competence and performance are essential components that need to be focused on and verified. This process evaluates and affects the ability of midwives and nurses to prioritize medical intercessions, as they are provided with knowledge and assessment skills themselves on the basis of varying probabilities of their position. As the House of Commons Health Committee (2010: pp.12) verified that the understanding of goal achievement, let it be continuous or not, is always reflected by competence assessment tests. This specified combination of professional stance is a vital process in the field of nursing and midwives as it has been divided into sub-divisions of formulations that include the processes like gaining the philosophy, evaluating the theory, working on the methodology, and then implementing it into professional practice. This paper proposes to contribute to the quality of learning and implementing the practices of both nurses and midwives, and the clarification of many uncertain formulations. 2. CASE SCENARIO As per the verification that needs to be provided, the question that has cropped up is regarding the “goal achievement and knowledge achievement of nurses and midwives”. The formulation suggested by many scholars such as Manley (1997: pp.179-190) that knowledge can be continuously increased and articulated by nurses as they gain respect and can influence the health sector, but, it is the formulation of midwives that the process of goal achievement has ended for them as they have gained whatever knowledge or objective they were to grow. A range of indicators of knowledge, competence performance assessment, and pragmatic evidence regarding the effectiveness of both nurses and midwives in measuring these key elements show that the latter formulation provided by midwives is irrational. A key challenge that was identified in all articles reporting on such formulations and the performance assessment was ensuring objectivity. 2.2. Comparison and Contrast There is limited evidence about the verification of whether or not midwives should gain further knowledge for competence and professional prac ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nursing and Midwifery Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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