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Mentorship and Competence Paper - Essay Example

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Mentorship and Competence Background Ideally, my expectations about the mentorship program I have undergone were quite high. First, that I should be able to gain extensive knowledge about the standards in nursing practice that cover the qualifications to the actual clinical practice…
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Mentorship and Competence Paper
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Download file to see previous pages I believed that through the mentoring program, I would have access not only to information but also an update of my skills and a reinforcement of my confidence at work. As I began the mentorship program, I was delighted to find that the learning outcomes were explicitly laid out. It all complemented my own objectives and, in addition, it provided other important aspects especially in those areas that I was not able to identify. Efficacy I would like to say that the mentorship program I have just undertaken is learner-centred, which, in my opinion, was what made it effective. It included many activities and strategies that improved learning and enriched the experience. For instance, I found the incorporation of reflections on prior experience as extremely helpful. Based on this, I took the initiative to write my own journal to chronicle my thoughts and my progress during the entire program. This aspect in the mentoring course allowed me to identify critical incidents, progresses made, future learning needs and analyze them so that I am able to enrich and inform my interactions with my mentors. Interestingly, the whole exercise made me more involved. I think that it added to the motivating factors that diminished my reservations and anxiety about sharing personal thoughts and professional capacities as well as in dealing with getting reviewed by my peers. Through reflections, I was able to do some forward planning to meet the course outcomes. I discovered that I have this capability for self-direction as well. Then I would have to emphasize the importance of the course content. There are two pieces of literature that I have to cite here. The first the Standards to support learning and assessment in practice, a Nursing and Midwifery Council's (NMC) standards for mentors, practice teachers and teachers. The second is Kathleen Duffy's Failing students: a qualitative study of factors that influence the decisions regarding assessment of students' competence in practice. Both of these texts provided important insights on the mentorship experience and objectives. The first contextualized the entire program from the perspective of the mentors whereas Duffy's article explained the program's concern when it comes to the students, which is competence in practice. NMC and Regulations The NMC publication provides several important information. It explained the rationale behind the program by identifying the principles behind its mandate. There was a clear outline of the relationship between the course, the update of skills, best practices and the public good. It cited relevant statutes and regulations that are crucial in thoroughly understanding not just the program but the need for regulatory framework that encompasses it. These information contextualized the whole initiative according to my experience with respect to the community and environment where I would practice my profession. The main content of the NMC publication is the description of requirements and rules that govern the learning and assessments of students as well as the nursing and midwifery practice. For example, there is the equality and diversity requirements, which promote equal opportunity. There are also those concerning post-qualifying programs such as the Specialist Practice (SPQ) and the Modernising Nursing Careers position paper. Collectively, these elements depict a coherent regulatory framew ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Mentorship and Competence Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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