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Ethics and Legal Component of Nursing Professional Studies - Term Paper Example

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The 1st part of the paper discusses the differences between ethical theories, law, and the codes of professional nursing practices and the 2nd part discusses the compare and contrast utilitarian from deontological theories. The author discusses the importance of the code of professional practice. …
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Ethics and Legal Component of Nursing Professional Studies
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Extract of sample "Ethics and Legal Component of Nursing Professional Studies"

Download file to see previous pages Nursing is a very unique profession given that nurses are responsible not only in providing care to the patients but also to deal with situational cases that are commonly molded by each patients’ cultural backgrounds, beliefs, and personality.

Given that nursing students are dealing with sensitive matters related to the life and overall well-being of patients, subjects such as health ethics, the code of nursing profession including the legal issues that are highly related with nursing profession becomes an important component of nursing course since these interrelated subjects serves as a basic guide for nursing students in terms of making a morally acceptable judgment and decision in terms of providing care and proper treatment for each patient.

The theory behind autonomy informs each nursing student that patients have their own personal right in making their own decision whether or not they would accept or refuse to accept a particular care and/or treatment that will be provided to them by the health care professionals whereas the theory behind informed consent reminds the nursing students to inform patients about the purpose and process of a particular care and treatment as well as physical assessment or the provision of personal daily care even before touching the patient in any way. (NHS, 2006; p. 8; DOH, 2001a, p. 2; DOH, 2001b; p. 1)

In line with this matter, it becomes ethically acceptable for nursing students to inform the patient first about the purpose and process of care and treatment before delivering any forms of care services to the patient. It is also ethically acceptable for nursing students to respect the patient’s decision in case they have decided not to go through particular care or treatment due to personal reasons related to his/her religious or non-religious beliefs. (DOH, 2001b: p. 3)

Even though ethical theories, law, and the codes of professional practices behind nursing are interrelated with one another, its basic function in the nursing profession
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