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Reflective Analysis Name Institution Nursing practice involves providing health care to patients (Payne, 2010). While in practice learning how to handle patients at a local hospital as a student nurse with my fellow colleagues, a nurse who was helping out my instructor from the same client’s room walked out of the room wearing her hand gloves…
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Reflective Analysis
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Reflective Analysis Nursing practice involves providing health care to patients (Payne, . While in practice learning how to handle patients at a local hospital as a student nurse with my fellow colleagues, a nurse who was helping out my instructor from the same client’s room walked out of the room wearing her hand gloves. My colleagues and I noticed her and instantly started having questions on hand hygiene/infection control which she had obviously not heeded. Some of my colleagues said that the young nurses ought to follow all rules given to the letter while the older ones had experience, so they could do anything as they were aware of the danger whatever policies set could cause (Payne, 2010). Some supported her move saying that she was aware of her actions. I, however, was against her move though I did not have a firm stand on what I would do. I had not used my hand gloves to interact with anything unhygienic. As we were moving out of the client’s room, I had mixed feelings on whether to remove my hand gloves or keep them on as I had not used them. I thought of the nurse who had earlier walked out of the room with her gloves on and saw no harm in that, so I decided to leave the room wearing my hand gloves. Not considering my knowledge of hand hygiene, effective hygiene of the hands is most effective for prevention of healthcare infection (Payne, 2010). As we were moving out, my instructor noted I was still wearing my hand gloves. She summoned me and told me of the irregularity and advised me to correct it. I disappointed her as she had reminded us of the practice during the post-conference briefing. This irregularity proved my values unsuitable. My accountability and responsibility were doubted as this basic procedure compromised it. Nurses take responsibility for their judgments and the actions they provide (Ravitz, 2009). My attentiveness compromised the instructor’s value evaluation on me and concluded that I was not ardent while she was briefing us during the post-conference. However, honesty and respect are values that I got and still hold on to after learning key lessons on their importance from family members, the school environment and also in my religion. They define me as an individual and dictate the success of my nursing career (Payne, 2010). I explained my situation to the instructor on how I observed a nurse leave the client’s room with her gloves on and decided to follow suit. This was not to happen as I followed the nurse instead of following the infection control/hand hygiene policies. This was the key issue whereby I broke the infection control policy because, as a student, I did not have the courage to assert myself. I instead followed what the nurse did. At first I did not think it was a tremendous deal because I did not touch any fluid or patient. However, it was a tremendous deal as it was a violation of the hand hygiene policies. My hypothesis on the key issue is that my lack of confidence and assertiveness lead to breaking of the hand hygiene policies. This was due to lack of a firm stand and uncertainties of the nurses’ responsibilities and actions. Interpretation analysis of the key issue is seen as fit in that any health care official, either a nurse or a practitioner, should observe the hand hygiene policies and should not walk out of a client’s room wearing the hand gloves (Ravitz, 2009). My thinking has had a total change due to the key issue which is the breaking of the infection control policy which has led to the belief of following the set policies to the letter and not following what my seniors do (Payne, 2010). If there were ever a repeat of this, I would have retained my gut feeling and honesty to my instructor as those qualities define who I am and would have saved me an immense deal if I implemented them. I would change my listening skills in the post-conference briefing. This would make sure that there are no irregularities done so as to show my assertiveness, responsibility and accountability in my career as a nurse so that it may end up a success (Payne, 2010). I am to make sure that I remove my gloves before getting out of the client’s room. I would also ensure that no one misleads me and should follow my gut feeling and not what other colleagues advise. Lastly, avoid rudeness and intimidation to either a client or a colleague (Ravitz, 2009). In the future, I would learn what I ought to do so that I cannot be misled by anyone going against the rules and policies and ensure observation of all hygiene processes. I would ask the nurse why she is leaving the room with her gloves on while it is against hygiene and infection policies. My mind would not be changed by whatever the nurse does (Ravitz, 2009). The priority learning essentials should be learning the knowledge of hygiene and infection control policies and the ability to be independent (Payne, 2010). Practicing clinical skills often achieves this by gaining experience and also read study books on quality nursing and infection control policies (Ravitz, 2009). References Payne, L. (2010). The nursing student’s guide to clinical success. New York: Jones & Bartlett Learning. Ravitz, J. (2009, December 14). The proven power of giving, not getting. Retrieved 03 24, 2013, from Read More
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Reflective Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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