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Reflective Analysis - Essay Example

Some supported her move saying that she was aware of her actions. I, however, was against her move though I did not have a firm stand on what I would do. I had not used my hand gloves to interact with anything unhygienic. As we were moving out of the client’s room, I had mixed feelings on whether to remove my hand gloves or keep them on as I had not used them. I thought of the nurse who had earlier walked out of the room with her gloves on and saw no harm in that, so I decided to leave the room wearing my hand gloves. Not considering my knowledge of hand hygiene, effective hygiene of the hands is most effective for prevention of healthcare infection (Payne, 2010). As we were moving out, my instructor noted I was still wearing my hand gloves. She summoned me and told me of the irregularity and advised me to correct it. I disappointed her as she had reminded us of the practice during the post-conference briefing. This irregularity proved my values unsuitable. My accountability and responsibility were doubted as this basic procedure compromised it. Nurses take responsibility for their judgments and the actions they provide (Ravitz, 2009). My attentiveness compromised the instructor’s value evaluation on me and concluded that I was not ardent while she was briefing us during the post-conference. However, honesty and respect are values that I got and still hold on to after learning key lessons on their importance from family members, the school environment and also in my religion. They define

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Since time in memorial, racism has been in existence. It became a thorn the flesh when slaves started being shipped to America from Africa. It became so pronounced after the civil war on freeing of the blacks from slavery. Segregation of the blacks and whites meant that every race had to be smart and use different avenues to grow stronger.
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What is most unique, particular, or effective about the way the author is writing the piece is that he is completely focused in his narration, beginning, continuing, and ending with the strange aspects of the young man's walk through the park. The first person narrative strategy adopted by the author helps him greatly in keeping the center of focus in his narration on the strange ways of the young man in the park and he introduces his character right at the start of his narration - just as Updike does in the narration of the three girls in "A&P".
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The need for experienced nurses far exceeds the supply. This calls for continuous coaching and mentoring of nurses. Nurses are confronted with the need to remain updated with the latest
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This paper shall be a reflective analysis case study exploring the nurse’s experience with a patient using the Johns reflective model approach. It shall present the patient’s history and condition prior to and during the admission;
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Reflective Analysis
That day meant a lot to me because it was the first time I would hang an IV. I was required to prepare the tubing, lock it into the IV pump and link it to the patient; I was nervous. I had mentally rehearsed the steps before I approached the pump. I checked and
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For instance, in the formal writing (iii), I was able to develop an extemporaneously written document that contains ideas that seem to be logically organized. The formal written document starts with a definition of being rebellious. The opening gives the reader a
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These characteristics that entrepreneur share to become successful businesspersons, determine how successful the entrepreneur is in formulating ideas and enforcing them towards achieving the set goals and objectives. The degree of difference in the various attributes separates the successful entrepreneurs from their peers.
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me as an individual and dictate the success of my nursing career (Payne, 2010). I explained my situation to the instructor on how I observed a nurse leave the client’s room with her gloves on and decided to follow suit. This was not to happen as I followed the nurse instead of following the infection control/hand hygiene policies. This was the key issue whereby I broke the infection control policy because, as a student, I did not have the courage to assert myself. I instead followed what the nurse did. At first I did not think it was a tremendous deal because I did not touch any fluid or patient. However, it was a tremendous deal as it was a violation of the hand hygiene policies. My hypothesis on the key issue is that my lack of confidence and assertiveness lead to breaking of the hand hygiene policies. This was due to lack of a firm stand and uncertainties of the nurses’ responsibilities and actions. Interpretation analysis of the key issue is seen as fit in that any health care official, either a nurse or a practitioner, should observe the hand hygiene policies and should not walk out of a client’s room wearing the hand gloves (Ravitz, 2009). My thinking has had a total change due to the key issue which is the breaking of the infection control policy which has led to the belief of following the set policies to the letter and not following what my seniors do (Payne, 2010). If there were ever a repeat of this, I would have retained my gut feeling and honesty to my instructor as those qualities define who I am and would have saved me an immense deal if I implemented them. I would change my listening skills in the post-conference briefing. This would make sure that there are no irregularities done so as to show my assertiveness, responsibility and accountability in my career as a nurse so that


Reflective Analysis Name Institution Nursing practice involves providing health care to patients (Payne, 2010). While in practice learning how to handle patients at a local hospital as a student nurse with my fellow colleagues, a nurse who was helping out my instructor from the same client’s room walked out of the room wearing her hand gloves…
Reflective Analysis
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