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Extemporaneous writing enhances my writing capability by enabling me to develop ideas straight from the mind that allow the…
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Reflective Analysis Assignment
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Reflective Analysis My progress in writing has been informed by the ability to write extemporaneously as I draft the work to be improved in another writing session. Extemporaneous writing enhances my writing capability by enabling me to develop ideas straight from the mind that allow the development of an outline. For instance, in the formal writing (iii), I was able to develop an extemporaneously written document that contains ideas that seem to be logically organized. The formal written document starts with a definition of being rebellious. The opening gives the reader a quick hint of what to expect in the essay, the theme, and subject of the work. The piece is also academic based on the fact that it makes reference to works done by other researchers in the same discipline.
Another strong point of the formal essay (iii) is that it contains paragraphs that present the ideas of the essay in a logical manner. This is contrary to many essays written extemporaneously that mainly do not have a logical flow of ideas. The same structure is demonstrated by the formal essay (i) on “Learned Habit.” Nevertheless, the formal essay (i) contains large paragraphs that seem to express a mix of ideas. For instance, in the second part of the formal essay (i), the purpose of the essay and the negative impacts of smoking have been integrated in the same paragraph (formal essay i). Such an integration of ideas could be avoided by the use of an extemporaneous work that enhances the initial development of ideas.
Considering the extemporaneous informal writing (i), the paper is written in a single paragraph that has a repetition of ideas, lacks a thesis statement, and lacks a logical flow of ideas. The work could be improved by ensuring that every idea has its logical significance by being presented as a paragraph. The informal writing (ii) starts with hanging ideas that do not have either an introduction or a conclusion. It appears like an excerpt from another essay that is incomplete. It was better if the essay was developed in point form since the length is like an outline of a better version of the paper to be developed later (informal writing ii).
One of the best essays developed so far is the formal writing (ii). Although the writing does not have an introductory statement and a conclusion, it presents ideas in a logical manner and separates ideas based on their importance in the writing. Nevertheless, the informal writing (ii) does not recognize the ideas of other authors from which the essay is developed.
Overall, the extemporaneous formal writing (iii) is a properly organized piece of extemporaneous writing. Despite the fact that the writing was done without many preparations, it presents complete ideas and may qualify to be a full essay with a heading, an introduction, thesis statement, and a conclusion. It demonstrates the progress of my writing experience because, unlike the previous extemporaneous pieces, it presents the full structure of an academic essay with reference to other works cited in the writing.
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