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My writing process and the final products portray the strengths and weaknesses of my work in this course. Indeed, my writing process manifests my strength in the formatting my works according to the…
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Reflective letter
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Ali Jawad Susan Davis ENG 108 (TTH 3:00) Address 8 May Dr. Davis Address Dear Dr. Davis This is a detailed response to the status of my writing after this semester. My writing process and the final products portray the strengths and weaknesses of my work in this course. Indeed, my writing process manifests my strength in the formatting my works according to the referencing and formatting requirements. My consistency in using the APA referencing through my assignments is a strong point. However, I have been depicting grammatical errors in my assignments, which is a significant weakness in writing. Indeed, my final product depicts numerous spelling mistakes and sentence combination errors. As such, I will seek to build on my formatting strengths by referring and practicing the Harvard, Chicago, and MLA writing styles as seen in the Purdue Online Writing Lab. On the other hand, I will seek to overcome my writing weaknesses by proof reading my work before submission. I will also do more research on the best writing skills and sentence construction.
Using Microsoft PowerPoint by creating effective slides, APA formatting, critical analysis, and timely completion of assignments are items that represent my best work. This is because these items enabled me to address the writing subject in a detailed, effective, and timely manner in different writing platforms using the required writing style. Notably, the first assignment and the PowerPoint assignment were the most challenging assignments. Indeed, summarizing the most relevant information on the slides and achieving the correct sentence combination were very challenging. Nevertheless, I have begun to solve the problem in achieving correct sentence combination by writing more works, researching the best writing skills, and seeking guidance from my tutor. However, I am proud of my writing skills in assignment 2 because they depict my strength in formatting, great sentence combination, few grammatical errors, and objectivity.
Ideally, I adopted efficient revision strategies that included class discussions, detailed research at the library, creating a revision timetable, and seeking professional advice from my tutors. I also addressed my peers, tutor review comments, and sought to perfect my writing skills by doing additional writing assignments. My writing, reading, and critical analysis assignments helped me in my writing since they prepared me to read, analyze the derived information, and present such information in writing using the correct writing style. Notably, the PowerPoint essay was the most informative since it taught me how to summarize, use visual aids in writing, design, and present summarized information using slides. Moreover, assignment 1 helped me to grow as a writer since it taught me to use short quotes and do a critical analysis.
As such, I feel good about the work I have done this semester and hope to improve in the next semester. Indeed, my writing has improved in terms of formatting, originality, critical analysis, relevance, and timely completion of writing assignments. However, I feel that I need to work on sentence combination and grammar. In the future, I will aim at using more writing styles, improving my grammar, and adding creativity to my writing tasks. Read More
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Reflective Letter Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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