Critically discuss how that person's leadership style has made them an effective or ineffective leader - Essay Example

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Leadership Styles: Wei Sun Christianson Name: University: Introduction Wei Sun Christianson is one of the most famous and successful women not only in Asia, but also in the entire world. She has made a place for herself in the finance world regardless of the male domination that is prevalent in this sector…
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Critically discuss how that persons leadership style has made them an effective or ineffective leader
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Download file to see previous pages In Morgan Stanley, since she became CEO, she has achieved tremendous success such as growing the bank by over three hundred percent in just a few years. She also saw a very big deal between the Morgan Stanley banks to sell a stake to a Chinese government owned financial services firm. Unlike most other hugely successful women of her age and calibre, Wei Sun Christianson is a family woman and is married with two children (sons) and is able to juggle between family and work. This is the height of success especially for a woman and especially in a male dominated industry such as the financial and investment industry. In this regard, the big question is how has she managed to be this successful? Her leadership style seems to be a big factor which makes it possible for her to be so successful in what she does. Her leadership style involves the following; Keep people close Any good leader understands the importance of keeping people close and utilising the people resources available to them (Darling and Leffel, 2010). Good leaders understand that people are everything and that success can only be found in keeping these people close in a team. But, Wei Sun Christianson seems to understand this better than everybody else. One striking thing about Wei is that she never loses contact with people she has met in life. Her contacts to date include people she met while she was still in college thirty years ago when she landed in the United States for college. For instance, according to Leow and Carew (2007), Wei has worked with Gao Xiqing, a colleague she met thirty years ago when she was in college. These contacts have been very useful in her success because some of the most successful deals she has achieved in her career were aided by these people she met so many years ago (Leow & Carew, 2007). Wei seems to clearly understand that people are a great resource, whether they are colleagues or employees working under her. In this regard, Wei does not just manage her relationships with colleagues, but also with those working under her. She makes sure that she is able to tap the best out of everyone under her at work and uses this as her strength as well as the strength of the organisation. This deep understanding of how to utilise people resources in order to advance the firm is what separates Wei from other people. She seems to understand this in a very deep and powerful way and uses it as her stronghold. For instance, Wei understands that everybody needs to be respected and their time respected too (Hung, 2010). In this regard, those who know Wei say that despite her busy schedule, she is the best when it comes to managing her time and never cancels appointments. This ability to treat everyone with the respect they deserve regardless of their station in life is a great asset owned by Wei and has led to her being able to look forward and become what she is today. According to Darling and Leffel (2010), leadership styles are essential in team building within the organisation and it is this team building which is most important for an organisation to succeed. This is one area which has therefore led to Wei being so good in what she does and giving her success. As Darling and Beebe (2007) postulate, communication is also another important aspect of leadership and as teams are build in the organisation, communication about the basic goals of the organisation is critical. Wei has built her success on this as she makes it possible and easy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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