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Entrepreneurial Self Reflective Analysis - Essay Example

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This essay describes the entrepreneurial self-reflective analysis and analyzes some characteristics, that entrepreneurs share in order to become successful businesspersons. The researcher of this essay presents a self-reflection analysis based on the GET2 test…
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Entrepreneurial Self Reflective Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages The essay presents a self-reflection analysis done by the researcher and based on the GET2 test while providing any contradicting or supportive arguments based on previous encounters. The overall result of the test that are presented in the essay also challenges the ability of the researcher to develop innovative ideas. The researcher considers this assumption both wrong and highly prejudiced. Different people have different abilities and ideas. It is explained that since we all have a different set of abilities and personal characteristics, the researcher believes the test does not give an excellent analysis regarding his overall creativity. The researcher then councluds that these test results also seem to contradict each other seeing that the researcher considers his risks suggesting that he prefers taking calculated moves. An example of a contradictory review is the idea that the researcher prefers giving orders and also being the team leader. The same test results also state that the researcher would be well suited in an intrapreneurship letting someone take charge and engage in risky activities. If the two results are by chance considered to be factual, then the researcher would also have a strong desire to lead any partner, and that would translate to taking a higher risk than them. According to the GET2 test, the researcher have an overall score of 63 percent that implies he is likely to have strengths in various enterprising characteristics and could also be enterprising in some contexts. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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