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Analyse critically how research and practice developments can be disseminated to enhance the quality of the student learning exp - Essay Example

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EVIDENCE BASED NURSING PRACTICE Name Institution Date Nursing is one of the most demanding profession and equally very essential service to the society. However there are challenges associated with practicing this one of the oldest professions in the world…
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Analyse critically how research and practice developments can be disseminated to enhance the quality of the student learning exp
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Extract of sample "Analyse critically how research and practice developments can be disseminated to enhance the quality of the student learning exp"

Download file to see previous pages Various health care stakeholders have been funding research studies on various issues surrounding the nursing practices. All this is meant to achieve the much touted quality healthcare delivery in the society. Such research and practices need to be communicated to the nursing professionals to boost their performance. Acquisition of information is one of the greatest challenges that affect many nurses (Gerrish & Lacey, 2010, 490). It is therefore important that they are given sound theoretical training that is result oriented if translated to practical applications in the field. Dissemination of information during learning among the nurses significantly explain their future performance in the field when assigned duties. It is therefore imperative that the methods of imparting such concepts are taken through critical assessment and all the factors taken into consideration. Information cost is one of the most important aspects of high standard performance of the leaners when they come into real life situation (Bergin, 2013, pg 2000). One of the most effective ways of ensuring that there is penetration of the ideas in learners is engaging them in the research study and requesting for observable findings. Learning is more effective when observation is done since pictures and objects seen makes more sense than what is merely said. It is proper that learning is backed up with a lot of drawing diagrams so that it would stick in the brain of the students in such a way that they are able to relate the theoretical work with the real life work (Exley & Dennick, 2009, 221). Nursing requires high accuracy since it deals in human life and therefore should be practice oriented so that not a single concept is missed as this could cost a lot (Power, 2008, 21-5). Creation of a motivating and engaging learning environment is one of the most appropriate approaches that can be applied in improving the nursing students’ mastery of the concepts and how they relate to the real life clinical practice. This may be achieved by involving the students in group assignments where they will brainstorm. Group work assignment may also be extended to research study where the students are given a given topic which they breakdown and undertake independent research before presenting as group to share their experiences. It is important for the tutors and nursing instructors to emphasize on the significance, relevance and integration of theoretical work and the knowledge with the professional practice with the aim of developing solutions to real life global health issues. It is advisable by the NMC 2010 nursing students spend more than 50% of their time undertaking practical. This may sink better by giving individual illustration of skills that are applicable in a specific topic so that the learners can create a picture of the possible practical scene and take deeper interest in the discipline (Keele, 2011, 34-56). It is important to ensure that the research covers various social problems that pertains to health challenges in the society so that the can begin to understand the directions of what they are studying and relate this with some of the experiences they have had as victims and not as nurses (Masters, 2009, 22). It is advisable that the syllabus structure of the nursing discipline need to put emphasis on periodic field work which will involve interactive session of the students with patients and other clinicians in healthcare facilities (finkelman & kenner, 2013, 135). This is as part of induction to the theory and its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analyse critically how research and practice developments can be disseminated to enhance the quality of the student learning exp

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