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Quantative critique - Essay Example

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Quantitative research critique Author Institution Quantitative Research Critique Yeliz, A., & Nuran, A. (2012). Improving the quality of life for multiple sclerosis patients Using the nurse-based home visiting model. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, (26), 295-303…
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Quantative critique
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Download file to see previous pages The population sample is defined clearly from the title for multiple sclerosis patients. However, the length of the title is inappropriate; also, this study does not contain an abstract. The two researchers (Yeliz and Nuran) are both professors. Both work with the nursing department of the health science department from Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey. This is enough evidence that they are both qualified as researchers as they come from reputable companies. The department of nursing from Hacettepe University is a well-established institution, and by them, researchers, associated with the nursing department in the faculty of health sciences, is a good explanation of the their qualification to undertake a research on nursing (Figved, et. al, 2007). The problem is indicated where the research paper indicates that the sufferers of multiple sclerosis have high co-morbidity, which relates to poor life quality and the high costs in health care. As a result, such patients cannot access the optimal homecare, and there is no any model for nurse-based home visiting. The problem stated has the significance in that it introduces the reader to the purposes and aims of the research study. As a result of the existence of the above problem, the study aims at determining the effects of the nursing interventions based on NANDA in order to determine the effects of home-based nursing interventions on issues that relate with Quality of Life (QOL) among patients with multiple sclerosis. The research variables are the intervention and control groups in the study sample. The participants in the intervention groups were 21, and those in the control group were 24 making a total of 45 participants (Carton, et. al., 2004). The hypothesis has been stated clearly whereby the author says that patients with MS live with their families, and they need homecare services just like other people with other diseases, which are chronic. This hypothesis acts as a basis in which the research focuses on, seeking for the effectiveness of home-based nursing interventions. This natural flow from the theoretical framework and the research problem (whereby because of the problem of inappropriate home-based model, the patients live with their families where the homecare services) are inefficient. This provides the theoretical framework of the research in that when people suffering from multiple sclerosis lack sufficient home-based care, the effects can be chronic, and there should be an appropriate model, which aims at handling the resulting problems. The hypothesis contains two variables that are investigated; intervention and effectiveness of the homecare based nursing. These are clearly and objectively worded whereby from just the mention of the hypothesis, because of living with their families, the homecare based might be challenging since they require health professionals to administer the services. Through this, a reader can evaluate the effectiveness of the homecare-based nursing (Karantay, 2002). This research used the pretest-posttest experimental group design where patients from the control group received the interventions from standard care that has to be given to patients with multiple sclerosis; the participants in the intervention group received the nurse-based home-visiting care. The appropriateness of the design to the research question is well defined, where due to the purpose of the research of establishing the effectiveness ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Quantative Critique Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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