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Critic Institution Tutor 28th Feb, 2013 Bekemeier, B. & Butterfield, P. (2005). Unreconciled Inconsistencies: A critical Review of the concept of Social Justice in 3 National Nursing Documents. Advances in Nursing Science, 28 (2): 152-162. In this article, Bekeimeier and Butterfield give a detailed critic of the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements, Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice and the Nursing's Social Policy Statement…
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There are two short written assignments for this lesson 2.1
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Download file to see previous pages The documents do not satisfactorily promote social justice according to the authors, an area which they deem as fundamental to the nursing practice. Bekeimeier and Butterfield feel that the documents need to have placed more focus on political action and on ways through which nurses can be able to address all underlying factors in the eradication of emerging health problems. With this, the three documents help in ensuring quality healthcare for individual patients that nurses come into contact with, rather than ensuring the quality health of the entire population. From the arguments presented by the two authors, the three documents bring about various social aspects but only mention this at some instances. The weight given on issues related to social justice cannot be compared to that given to issues related to individual patient care. The phrase social justice is reported to have only been used one time in each of the 3 documents, an indication of the value this has been given as compared to aspects related to nurse-patient relationships (Bekeimeier & Butterfield, 2005). Based on the arguments presented by the two authors, I strongly agree with their view and believe that more should have been done to promote the role of nurses as political and social leaders as well as advocates. Though the Scope and Standard for Practice document defines nurses as those who play these two roles of leadership and advocacy and in the promotion of social change and reforms towards the improvement of health, the document, just like the other two documents does not focus on how this can be effectively done (ANA, 2010). Having gone through the three documents by ANA, any one would see the evident focal point for the three documents. The amount of information given as guidelines for the nursing practice and that relate to the care and services provided to a patient is overwhelming. There are parts of the documents that touch on public health and the nurses’ involvement in the promotion of public health, but have only been briefly stated (ANA, 2013). I am in complete agreement with the authors on the issue of collaboration as brought out in the three guide documents. In most cases, collaboration has always been taken to mean different groups of persons working together with one mission, and where each member makes a contribution towards the group. This is however not the concept brought out in the Code of Ethics, where collaboration during patient care would be taken to mean nurses working with patients and other related parties such as families and the surrounding community to promote quality care and treatment as well as overall promotion of complete health for all. The Code of Ethics, in this case brings out collaboration to mean the involvement of the patient in being part of the decision making process (ANA, 2013). This definition shifts the focus of the document from the social aspect to what most parts of the documents focus on; an individual patient. I also concur with the two on their view that the generalization of the term patient to refer to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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