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This essay presents Telehealth which is an innovation of health care information and services in e-health that serve to benefit the health outcome for patients in remote and rural places and them that are not able to access medical facilities from their homes. …
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Therapeutic use of Telehealth
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Therapeutic use of Telehealth Insert Insert Telehealth is an innovation of health care information and services in e-health that serve to benefit the health outcome for patients in remote and rural places and them that are not able to access medical facilities from their homes. However, Telehealth can never replace traditional hospitalization. This is the application of telecommunication and information technologies to provide primary clinical health care at distant places apart. Rural folks improve access to medical attention that would otherwise seem unavailable due to distance.
Telehealth facilitates clinical education and consultancy between providers and patients to obtain an assessment, screening, referrals and coordination within delivery models and patient –centered inns.
Telemental health refers to the provision of mental health services by means of interactive live video conferencing. There is a widespread lack of specialized mental health services among the rural sick because recruitment and retention of mental health specialists to visit and consult are not bearable due to travel costs and on-site specialist clinician availability (Adomako, 2011).
Telenursing is the provision of nursing services using the telephone, email, video conferencing, still images and recorded texts in situations where distance exists between nurses and patients.
Telehomecare is a practice that uses technology to avail care and attention to chronic disease patients to afford the care, in their home setup. The tele-homecare specialists monitor their patient’s conditions remotely to offer health coaching and education about continuous updates in order to inspire the individuals to control their own welfare by themselves at home.
Teletrauma is the application of information technology by use of a closed circuit video conferencing and remote monitoring equipment that guides specialists in rural facilities for seriously injured patients to achieve speedy management of time taken for a patient to receive attention hence saving lives in critical situations (Adomako, 2011).
In modern day medical and scientific discovery, telehealth is a revolutionary practice that most western countries are now adopting as a major credible contribution to healthcare. Telehealth is a complex undertaking and intensive knowledge-based. The users must be competently taught to analyze the callers’ needs to prescribe accurate care, advice on self-care or propose an appropriate referral (Ana, 2010). All prescriptions decided by doctors and telenurses are entirely based on verbal communications, thus requires refined listening and communication skills.
The most prevalent challenge that tele-nurses face is that all their transactions are virtual and no physical encounter with their patients. The fear and anxiety experienced during this process in fear of making wrong decisions is enormous about the care expected (Ana, 2010).
Tele nurses also may be faced by poor communication with their clients and may fail to compile the right information required to conclude a solution.
Congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and comorbid depression
Integrated telehealth care use in hospital-affiliated home health care settings for the aged with chronic illness and comorbid depression, can achieve reversal of disease symptoms. In a scenario of congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and comorbid depression is common. For those who are old homebound and medically frail interventions can be instituted by installing a Telecare nurse whose primary task is to carry out a routine tele-monitoring of symptoms. In addition, daily medication, weight and giving of weekly sessions of counter problem treatment for depression and providing primary interactions with caregivers who prescribe antidepressants. Psychoeducation and controlled usual home-based care expertise is given by the telenurse.
Adomako, M. (2011). Contemporary Leadership and intercultural competence: Exploring the cross-cultural dynamics within organizations. THE JOURNAL OF APPLIED CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP, 2(2), 312.
Ana. (2010). Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice. New York: American Nurses Association. Read More
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