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Interaction with other professions and how it has informed my understanding of inter-proffesional care and my practice in relati - Essay Example

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REFLECTION ON HOW INTERACTION WITH OTHER PROFESSIONS INFORMED MY UNDERSTANDING OF INTER-PROFESSIONAL CARE AND MY PRACTICE IN RELATION TO PATIENT CENTEREDNESS By Institution 19th, February, 2012 Reflection on How Interaction with Other Professions Informed My Understanding of Inter-Professional Care and My Practice In Relation To Patient Centeredness Introduction Collaborative care between health care providers such as nurses and practitioners with other professionals is crucial for apposite health care delivery…
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Interaction with other professions and how it has informed my understanding of inter-proffesional care and my practice in relati
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Extract of sample "Interaction with other professions and how it has informed my understanding of inter-proffesional care and my practice in relati"

Download file to see previous pages During my practice, I received input from fellow nursing student. However, I have also received numerous inputs from the wards, OTs and the Physiotherapy. This reflective essay focuses my interactions with other professions, how the interactions have informed my understanding of inter-professional care and my practice in relation to patient centeredness. The case I will reflect on involved an elderly female patient who was living alone. She was admitted into the hospital after she fell at home. Because of the fall, the patient had limited mobility. For diagnosis, she underwent an x-ray. The x-ray revealed extensive damage on the knee. However, the damage had not resulted from the fall but was due to severe arthritis. She was not going to be considered for a knee replacement mainly due to her age. After checking on the family background, it was unfortunate that the lady had alienated her family and completely severed all contact. Additonally, the lady had no contact with her neighbors and had live most of her old age life alone relying on herself. She had bad relations even with members of the society. The bad relations with other people could be attributable to her character. This is because the old lady is prone to making accusations against all the people she meets. The lady wished to return to her home. Therefore, the Occupational Therapist (OT) had to do a home assessment to ensure that the environment was appropriate. After the assessment, the OT felt that there was need for a significant clear out of the lady’s home. This is because the lady would have to use a pulpit for mobility purposes. The device is quite large and the lady would have to live in the living room. Although the lady insisted on being left to go back to her residence, I felt that such an arrangement would not function appropriately for a long period, since she had no relations. The OT had another challenge. Nobody was willing to help in the clearing out the house since the lady had severed all the relation she ever had. Moreover, the physical condition she was in could not allow her to do the clearing since she needed to use a wheelchair, which she had not yet received. The only solution was for the patient to employ a solicitor and give him the power of an attorney to oversee the implementation of all the needed changes. Another problem that the OT had noticed was the nonfunctional fire alarm in the lady’s home. When she told me about it, I suggested for a complete fire inspection by the local fire brigade. After the inspection, the fire brigade put the patient’s name in the register of the vulnerable people and those with mobility issues. Although the OT wanted us to get the lady a personal alarm, it was impossible at that moment since the three people in the community were required to be used as contact. However, no one was willing to be involved with anything to do with the old lady. Therefore, the OT suggested a small mobile house phone that could be carried with the pocket. Following my interaction with the OT, the old sick lady, the community and other different professions, I was able to understand the significance of interactions between nurses ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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