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Teamwork in the multidisciplinary setting. Professional issues - Essay Example

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PORTFOLIO STATEMENT Portfolio Index Please tick Identified and evaluated personal aims Outcome 1 v Outcome 2 v Outcome 3 v Outcome 4 v Evidence to support claims against outcomes Outcome 1 v Outcome 2 v Outcome 3 v Outcome 4 v Final course evaluation v I confirm that this portfolio contains original material prepared by myself in all of the areas listed above…
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Teamwork in the multidisciplinary setting. Professional issues
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Extract of sample "Teamwork in the multidisciplinary setting. Professional issues"

Download file to see previous pages FORM OF EVIDENCE 9 INTRODUCTION 9 9 10 10 11 LEARNING OUTCOME ONE Multidisciplinary teams – critical analysis Psychiatrist Care Coordinator Advanced mental health practitioner 12 Personal reflection on Multidisciplinary teams 13 References 14 14 LEARNING OUTCOME 2 Critical Analysis of the use of Reflection in professional learning 15 References 15 Use of Primary Care Models to enhance care delivery 16 References LOCATION FORM OF EVIDENCE 16 18 LEARNING OUTCOME THREE Ethics 19 References 19 21 LEARNING OUTCOME FOUR Diversity 22 References 22 FINAL REFLECTION ON THE MODULE Course Outcome Number 1: The multi-disciplinary team Reflect on and critically analyse the roles, responsibilities, collaboration and inter-agency working within the multi-disciplinary team. PERSONAL AIM (Course Outcome 1) This first section is concerned with what YOU want to achieve and is based on personal aims that you identify at the start of the module. My personal aim in relation to this outcome was: To comprehend how multidisciplinary teams function and how they establish a coordinated plan of care to meet the patients multiple needs. Please complete one of the following: Where your personal aim was achieved? Please describe how achieving this aim has influenced your practice. Yes it was achieved, and I was able to understand how multidisciplinary teams work with each other and how their different skills when combined eventually achieve favorable patient outcomes. Where your personal aim was not achieved? Please state why you think this aim was not achieved. I believe that my personal aim was not achieved in terms of my assertiveness as part of the team. I did not try a more assertive approach during meetings and was not able to express my role as a member of the team. ACTUAL OUTCOME (Course Outcome 1) This second section concerns what you have achieved, in relation to this learning outcome. It should demonstrate, as comprehensively as possible, how your practice is different as a result of this module. Please list all the evidence that is included under this outcome and where it may be found. How does the evidence support your claim that you have achieved this outcome? What form does the evidence take? Location I established a critical assessment discussing the importance of multidisciplinary teams and to establish a personal reflection of an incident I witnessed while in my placement. References are also indicated in order to support the evidence I used. Critical and reflective accounts and references Page 9-13 Course Outcome Number 2: Nursing Theory Critically analyse the use of reflection in professional learning and the use of Nursing models to enhance care delivery. PERSONAL AIM (Course Outcome 2) This first section is concerned with what YOU want to achieve and is based on personal aims that you identify at the start of the module. My personal aim in relation to this outcome was: To comprehend the importance of reflection and the role of evidence in the establishment of effective nursing practice. Please complete one of the following: Where your personal aim was achieved? Please describe how achieving this aim has influenced your practice. My personal aim was accomplished because I was able to critically assess the importance of reflection and how it can enhance my practice and learning. The assessment of the self-care model also helped me realize the importance of helping patients become ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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