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Learning Assessment Tools Essay user [Pick the date] Introduction American Sentinel University offers a comprehensive online course named as Master of Science Nursing (MSN) which intends to facilitate the students of nursing globally. With the increasing scope and demand of nursing and health care studies, there is an increasing need to expand the learning process and standards of nursing all over the world…
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Learning Assessment Tools
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Learning Assessment Tools Essay user [Pick the Introduction American Sentinel offers a comprehensive online d as Masterof Science Nursing (MSN) which intends to facilitate the students of nursing globally. With the increasing scope and demand of nursing and health care studies, there is an increasing need to expand the learning process and standards of nursing all over the world. American Sentinel University seems to understand the need of the hour and they offer an online course where all the eligible students can enroll themselves. Masters of Science nursing course is very famous among the students who have done the bachelors in nursing or any other health care discipline and are now seeking to get hold of something that can expand their professional exposure and utility in the practical field. With the emerging corporate and technological world of today, every student cannot come practically to the study place. There might be some students who are wishing to do the Master of Science Nursing (MSN) but there is no such facility near them which provides them with a chance to do so. The facility of online learning solve this problem of grave magnitude as every person from every walk of life, irrespective of the routine can persue this degree if they want by simply coming up to the eligibility criteria of the American Sentinel university and registering themselves online (Americansentinel, 2009). Critique ASU Course Learning Assessment The curriculum of Master of Science Nursing (MSN) is based upon the conventional standards defined by Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN)  which were given to the American Sentinel university in 2009 and by then the university makes it sure that these standards are conformed in every course of the online learning related to health care and nursing. These standards include Patient-centered care, Teamwork and collaboration, Evidence-based practice, Quality improvement, Informatics, and safety. There is need to enhance the global perspective of the said standards. Similarly, it is not defined officially that what will be practical ways to ensure the implementation of the standards which seem to be difficult to constitute in online learning course for example Team work and collaboration. The students learning processes are of core importance in any learning program whether it is of online format or in-house learning. On the other hand the course content and devised selection of course component seems to be relevant but there is a need to introduce the modern nursing concepts in the learning outline in order to equip the students with the emerging trends and standards in the health care field. For example there is a component of the learning outline named as “Diverse Populations in Health Care (N510)” which say that every student will be given a country and he or she will make an intensive search of the nature of the health standards in the respective locality and how they are followed. What will be the standards on which the students will be given a country? It is possible that the country is totally far away from the access of the students and he can never find any material on it even online. Similarly it is also possible that a student is given the country in which he lives. Then there will be competitive advantage and this advantage is regarded as unfair in the modern standards of relative grading where the class is graded based in the comparison graphs and performance criteria. The modes of learning should be told clearly because of the fact that in an online learning program there are students from diverse localities and every student cannot listen to different languages and understand their dialects. The feedback, uploading means of the learning material is also missing from the course outline (Nursingtimes, 2013). Suggestions of Other Learning Assessment Tools There should be an online web based learning management system (LMS) of the American sentinel university which will be the standard place of all the uploading of learning materials, assignments and quizzes. The lecture materials and slides should be uploaded there and the students should be notified via text. There is an immense and enormous need of communication versatility in online based course of learning because it is not possible for the administration to remind the students about different activities. The cellular phone technology should also be deployed. There also is a need to devise a way to facilitate the students to get guidance about the practical implementation of the learning they have because after all, nursing is a practical field. (Ebersole, 2012) Conclusion American Sentinel University’s course MSN is of great utility and if equipped with smart online learning tools. A few necessary changes in the course outline will facilitate the learners of the course to grasp the intended course content and objectives very easily within no time. References (2009). Online Master of Science Nursing (MSN) Degree Programs| American Sentinel. [online] Retrieved from: [Accessed: 31 Jan 2013]. Ebersole, J. (2012). The Myths of Online Learning - Forbes. [online] Retrieved from: [Accessed: 31 Jan 2013]. (2013). Online Nurse Training Courses - Nursing Times Learning. [online] Retrieved from: [Accessed: 31 Jan 2013]. Read More
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