Discuss transcultural nursing in relation to case management in the substance abuse hispanic client - Research Paper Example

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Trans-Cultural Nursing in Relation to Case Management When Caring for Substance Abusing Hispanic Patient or Population Name Institution Affiliation Trans-Cultural Nursing in Relation to Case Management When Caring for Substance Abusing Hispanic Patient or Population Whether one is a seasoned nurse, a nurse practitioner or a nursing student, he or she should observe the diversity within the patient population on a daily basis…
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Discuss transcultural nursing in relation to case management in the substance abuse hispanic client
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Download file to see previous pages All the hospital practitioners and nurses ought to recognize that diversity does exist among patients including members of the healthcare team (Powell & Tahan, 2010). This paper discusses the trans-cultural nursing that relates to treatment of substance abuse among the Hispanic population. The discussion will address the substance use problem and its consequences among the Hispanic population Hispanic Population Hispanics involves the largest minority group in the United States with a percentage of 14.2. They comprise young people with 40 percent under the age of 21 years. In addition, they have a proportionately low-income level with 23 percent living under the poverty line. They also have a low level of educational attainments with many of them not finishing high school. The Hispanic growth rate constitutes 3.6 percent per year. Therefore, the Hispanic population is young, rapidly growing ethnic and cultural group in the United States. The growing population is due to the relative youth and the high birth rates including the immigration (Easterby et al., 2012). The phenomenon of drinking might be because of strict cultural sanctions against drinking by women, which is typical in the entire Latin America. Much research shows that there is the preservation of cultural norms of the countries of their origins, and hence, they resist the pressure to engage in the substance use. The patterns of substance abuse amongst the Hispanics might have the influence of acculturation and the countries of origin. In fact, one of the studies based on the Hispanic Health and Nutrition Examination Survey demonstrates that substance abuse amongst the Hispanics increased with acculturation. On the other hand, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration gives information on the treatment completion, treatment stay and the discharge demographics. Furthermore, the primary substance of abuse varies according to the Hispanic origin, with the Puerto Rican and the Cuban-American women reported being opiate users while the Mexican-American women were more methamphetamine users (O. Doody & C. Doody, 2012). Case Management Case management approaches might be quite useful in having control of substance abuse, for instance, in older women of the Hispanic population. One can observe the alcohol dependency in older women when they are present at an acute care medical setting with such complaints as memory loss and chronic pain among other signs exacerbated by alcohol. The signs should not be for normal consequences of aging. When such occurs, it calls for intervention and discussion of abstinence including the treatment options. The nurse should facilitate treatment, which is respectful, supportive and non-confrontational. The providers should gather the personal information of the client from family members, clergy, and neighbors. The nurse should be direct and honest and should manage to explain that assistance is quite available, and the family member should assist her in communicating when he or she is from a different culture. In managing the case, well-coordinated approaches that deal with the abuse treatment for Hispanic older women should include an interdisciplinary treatment team with the family involved in a plan of individualized support services. The providers sh ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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