What is the impact of culture on your professional practice Healthcare - Essay Example

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In the society setting, different factors create the main differences we share from one another. Every person in the society has a unique characteristic that shape their behavior, perception and preferences in the society. …
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What is the impact of culture on your professional practice Healthcare
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Download file to see previous pages One of the most significant factors that shape these features is the cultural differences. The culture a person has and embraces is usually shaped by their descent or origin. This unique feature makes them fit to be described descendants of a particular culture. A culture may be defined as a unique way of living embraced by a specific group of people. In some cases the culture is greatly associated with race. A race is defined as a group of people who share the same origin or come from a particular geographical location. Culture is also closely associated with ethnicity which is an association to a particular ethnic group based on cultural similarities. In the modern society circles, different cultures have migrated across the globe which creates cultural diversification in many societies. Cultural diversity refers to the incorporation of more than one culture in one society. The many cultures caused people to learn how to respect and incorporate other cultures in their societies. The medical decisions arrived at in an institution should be done with respect to the collaborative of the client or his significant other.
The greater significance in culture diversities is the fact that organization and institution have to learn how to relate to the diversified society in terms of culture. McEwing & Richardson public institution have embraced organizational cultures that tend to cater for the different cultures that are present in the society....
tution to ensure that it incorporates tools that will be able to serve the society regardless of the culture diversification trend (Leninger, 2002; 98). Different cultures hold onto diversified health care beliefs. For instance Cambodians believe illnesses have spiritual causes (Dayer-Berenson, 2010; 225). Some cultures do not embrace the administering of the modern medicine. In some cases, some cultures require their own to cater to their medical needs. In an argument by Leninger & McFarland (2002; 111), one significant medical issue cultures disagree is on medical euthanasia. In most cultures that sacredly embrace religion, medical euthanasia is one service that can never be embraced (Nursing & Midwifery Council, 2008; 76). In reflecting on my own social and cultural background, my cultural setting does not embrace complicated healthcare beliefs. In my cultural setting, the versatility of our cultural beliefs does not have special recommendation from health care practitioners. However, specific persons hold specific beliefs that differ from the rest of the group. For instance, a person may hold on onto the belief that they cannot be attended by a practitioner of the opposite sex. In such a scenario, the healthcare institution should be able to respect that decision. Importance of culturally appropriate healthcare Cultural appropriateness is a compulsory requirement in healthcare institutions. In an argument by Holland & Hogg (2010; 154) considering the fact that immigration has become a significant activity across the globe, healthcare organizations must have necessary tools to ensure all cultural requirements are effectively addressed. One importance of this trend in health care institution is the promotion of social harmonious living. If every person in the society ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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