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She realized with experience that children showed behavioral patterns which were recurrent and were highly influenced by the culture that they were brought up in (Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2012). Leininger understood that…
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Madeleine Leininger -transcultural nursing theory model
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Research Paper: Trans-Cultural Nursing Theory Model Problem ment Factors determining the negative attitudes of the nurses in work environment and how it affects severely ill children.
Cultural Care Theory was presented by Madeline Leininger. She realized with experience that children showed behavioral patterns which were recurrent and were highly influenced by the culture that they were brought up in (Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2012). Leininger understood that lack of cultural and care knowledge as the piece of puzzle that would overcome barriers in caring for patients with diverse cultural backgrounds. Madeleine believed that patient’s recovery and well being were influenced by the care that they were provided (Allauigan, 2011). The major reason leading her to forming the theory was her clinical specialist caring experience with children who were mildly disturbed and came from varied backgrounds (Allauigan, 2011).
Factors like lack of doctor support, inadequate training, work burden and severity of illness of patients lead to elevated stress levels of nurses, which in turn leads to improper care of patients. Positive attitude results from holistic nursing approach, older age, and support, but negativity results from the load of work on the nurse (Kluit & Goosesns, 2011).
Research Questions
1. Is there any correlation between the elevated work stress levels with increased negativity in the attitudes of the nurses?
2. What effect does the attitude of nurses has on the recovery of severely ill children?
3. Is the recovery rate of children influenced by their cultural diversity?
Research Purpose
The research will add to the literature of nursing theories. The research will aim at understanding a direct relationship between high levels of stress at work environment and the elevated negativity of attitude due to the stress. Keeping the theory of Trans-cultural nursing theory, it will also address the correlation that the negativity of attitude from nurses has on the recovery of children. The research will aim at the effects that cultural diversity has on the recovery rate of children, allowing for nurses to cater for those factors to aid in recovery.
Allauigan, D. (2011). Theory Development and Historical Background. Leininger’s Theory of Culture Care. Retrieved January 1, 2013. Available at:
Kluit, V.D & Gossesns, (2011). Factors influencing attitudes of nurses in general health care toward patients with comorbid mental illness: an integrative literature review. Issues Ment Health Nurs. 32(8):519-27. Available at: Abstract Retrieved at January 1, 2013.
Sitzman, K., & Eichelberger, L.W., (2012). Madeleine Leininger’s Culture Care: Diversity and Universality Theory. Understanding the Work of Nurse Theorists, A Creative Beginning. Jones and Bartlett Publishers: Massachusetts. Read More
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