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Professional identity - Term Paper Example

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 Professional Identity Name: Institution:                  Professional Identity Part A The nursing theory that most closely fits with the writer’s own theory of care is Madeline Leininger’s Transcultural nursing theory. This is because the nurse is a Latina who works with a large diverse population at Hennepin County Medical Center in downtown Minneapolis…
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Professional identity
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Download file to see previous pages Nonetheless, the theory requires the nurse to employ both professional and generic knowledge and means to fit such varied thoughts into nursing care actions and objectives. In this scenario, care skill and knowledge are frequently redesigned for the best interest of the patients (Shaw & Timmons, 2010). Therefore, all care modalities in Hennepin County Medical Center will need the participation of both the nurse and patients working together to recognize, plan, execute, and assess every care mode for culturally fitting nursing care. These modes will stimulate the nurse to develop nursing decisions and actions using cultural based ways and new ways to offer satisfying and meaningful inclusive care to the large diverse population in downtown Minneapolis. If this nurse values and understands the practice of culturally proficient care, she will have the ability to encourage positive changes in health care activities for patients of diverse population at Hennepin County Medical Center in downtown Minneapolis. In addition, for the nurse to share a cultural identity with the large population of diverse individuals, she will need knowledge of transcultural nursing principles and ideas together with an understanding of existing research findings. It is significant for the nurse to note that culturally proficient nursing care can only take place when the values and beliefs of patients are skillfully and thoughtfully included into the nursing care plans of Hennepin County Medical Center. Caring is the central focus of nursing. Therefore, culturally proficient nursing will guide the nurse to offer optimal inclusive, culturally centered care. Part B Out of the three primary roles for the baccalaureate-prepared registered nurse identified by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the role the writer is most interested in exploring is that of a case manager. A case manager is a health care expert, particularly a registered nurse, who dedicates himself or herself in assisting patients with their health care needs and services. This is from the period the patients are admitted to the medical institution to the period they are discharged (Lai & Lim, 2012). Also, case managers are referred to by more general terms, as medical case managers or nurse case managers. In addition, nurse case managers work hand in hand with patients and their relatives or loved ones to examine the needs of the patient and come up with an ample health care plan that highlights their preferences and objectives (Baldwin, 2012). There are also certain education requirements that need to be met for a person to become a nurse case manager. Nurse case managers characteristically possess an associate’s degree in nursing as the lowest educational requirement. However, some have a master’s or bachelor’s degree to signify an advanced level of training and knowledge. In addition to certification and educational achievement, registered nurses can augment their chances of becoming nurse case managers if they have shown immense attention to detail, have significant connection with patients and their loved ones, and are terrific supervisors of their nursing staff. It also helps to have a specified amount of years of experience in the field of nursing. The writer has had a concentration, a segment of the patient population on which she has focused her greatest interest. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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