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The researcher of this paper gives a clear description of Banner Health organization where it has highlighted a number of its hospitals and specialized facilities. The researcher of this essay aims to pay special attention to the key role of the strategic plan…
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Banner Health organization
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Health Organization Case Study
Banner health, a non-profit health organization, was created in 1999 through a combination of Samaritan Health System, located in Phoenix, and Lutheran Health Systems, located in North Dakota. The organization is currently based in Arizona, United State, where it operates approximately 23 hospitals together with several specialized facilities. It is however, viewed as the second largest employer in Arizona following Walmart, and employs more than 35000 people. Banner health organization has made an effort of meeting various health care needs of the citizens while targeting the next decade. Currently, Banner health organization has come up with a strategic plan aimed at addressing issues of network growth, resource management, nurse staffing, and patient satisfaction (“Global Markets Direct,” 2008).
Following the appearance of global environmental problems due to climate change, increased natural catastrophe and globalization, various diseases have emerged resulting to increased motility rate (Bui, 2010). This contributed to establishment of a health care organization called Banner Health system in United State, with the aim of addressing the health care needs of citizens even in decades to come. The organization provided hospital care, long-term care, emergency care, outpatient surgery centers, hospice, rehab services, labs, and pharmacies. Today, health issues for many American citizens have become more complex hence calling in for new and complex tactics as well. Banner health organization has therefore come up with a strategic plan, known as Medicare Advantage plan, which is meant for addressing the complexity of health care issues.
Medicare Advantage plan has proposed establishment of several health clinic centers in the country in attempt to minimize health care problems and address patient satisfaction issue as well. Establishment of four Health-care clinics centers in East valley, have been proposed. Each of the clinic centers is expected to serve a whole family after suggesting that there will be plenty of laboratories and onsite imaging services as well as primary care doctors. According to the plan, families will be given extra options where these centers will offer extended evening and morning hour services, including Saturday mornings. The four clinic centers are expected to cost the organization approximately 45.2 million and be operational for both spring and summer of 2013. Taking into consideration of the economic perspective, the four centers will offer the most cost-effective care. These centers will have people going for urgent care, wellness and sickness care services at a cheaper cost (spring, 2012).
According to the research made by the Banner health organization, nationally the number of primary care services is becoming progressively small. The Medicare Advantage plan has therefore been put to action in order to increase the per capita level of primary physicians (“Global Markets Direct,” 2008). An increase in number of primary care doctors will be featured while specialists such as cardiologists will be tailored to fit in the country. A part from the four proposed health care clinic centers in east valley, there are other similar centers that are functional in Maricopa and Sun City. Another three clinics are operational in the West Valley and Colorado. There are two clinics that are expected to be active very soon in the year 2012.
The first one is Mesa clinic which is located at Crismon Road 1917 E, and its opening date is July 2012. The second one is Queen Creek clinic center located at Ellsworth Loop Road 21772 and is being opened on May 2012. However, at the Gilbert site near Warner Road, there are other centers under construction. Additionally all the health clinics will be connected digitally to the entire banner health system making it easier to access records on medical issues from different facilities. Through consolidation of these records, doctors will be able to prevent cases of unnecessary drug test, and drug reactions which would result to death of many patients (Berry, 2008).
Medicare advantage plan addresses the issue of Banner health network growth, where it has influenced collaboration between the organization and Cigna with the aim of promoting health care in Arizona. This form of networking has led to expansion of patient access to health care, improved care coordination, and achievement of “triple aim” of enhanced health quality, increased patient satisfaction and low total medical costs. Over 20,000 individuals covered by this plan, have acquire a lot of benefits where they have received health care from approximately 2600 doctors associated with Banner Health care Network in Arizona (“Business Wirevia The Motley Fool,” 2012). This form of collaboration has led to Banner Health organization making a huge achievement in terms of network growth. It has changed the way it delivers health care services, by emphasizing on outcomes. Under this networking, Banner Health Network doctors coordinate and monitor every aspects of person’s medical care, encouraging patients to keep on consulting their current physician hence ending up receiving a lot of benefits from the collaboration.
Medicare advantage plan also addresses issues concerning nurse staffing, by proposing a teaching program on empathy communication. Many physicians take shortcuts that fail to show how deeply they care about their work and patients as well. For instance, most physicians interrupt and redirect patient tales after paying attention for only 20 seconds (Cheung, 2012). Three out of four physicians tend to ignore clues and expression of impact and if they respond, they quickly move back to biomedical issues. The purpose of a teaching program on empathy communication is therefore to diligently enhance empathic communication for patient experience that is both healing and humane.
In conclusion, this paper gives a clear description of Banner Health organization where it has highlighted a number of its hospitals and specialized facilities. The organization which is viewed as the second largest employer in Arizona is highly committed in meeting various health care needs for many American citizens. However, for the organization to effectively meet its goals, it has come up with a strategic plan known as Medicare Advantage plan. The key role of the strategic plan is to address issues of organization’s network growth, resource management, nurse staffing, and patient satisfaction.

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