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Formal and Informal Organisations - Essay Example

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This research will critically analyze and evaluate the nature of organizations and critically debate the differences and distinguishing characteristics of and between the formal and informal organizations…
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Formal and Informal Organisations
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Extract of sample "Formal and Informal Organisations"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that the nature of clientele and the manner of activities that form their core objectives sometimes demand that formality can be suspended to attain immediate outcomes as situations of the health of patient might warrant. Nevertheless, for the reasons of administrative effectiveness, they must strive to retain formal organization to stand the challenges of the medical-legal issues, economy, and the body politics medical professionalism. This critical analysis looks at the pertinent predicaments in the health and social services sector and evaluates the remedies that they may have to manage such exigencies. Social or health organizations derive their institutional power from the quality of services they render to clients. They must, therefore, objectify their systems to their most desirable outcomes without which they may have no regard. On the other hand, such organizations render very useful services to the public and therefore must be very rigidly controlled and regulated. They organizational types they must embrace therefore result from a unique mix of opportunities and challenges. Conventionally, health and social organizations assume a formal design because of the centralized administrative practices in the public sector. Mixed systems in the institutional plan are therefore called for to bridge the gap between uncertainties and emergency. It is through the mixed designs that many organizations adjust to their real predicaments and survive the market. Without the ability to survive, organizations would simply perish to bankruptcy. The demands at the operations end of the organization are enormous. It is the nature of such demands that compel the organizations to adjust to informal approaches to such operations. It must be mentioned that such organizations retain perfect formal operations at the policy and administrative levels. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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