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Bare Bone Analysis - Essay Example

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Bare Bone Case Analysis (Name) (University) Bare Bone Analysis Learning Objectives Enhance patient awareness and offer continuous risk assessment and progression of individualized patient management plan. Recognizing epidemiologic, social, financial and medical outcome of the patient…
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Bare Bone Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages This is augmented by the partial dilatation which results in a sufficient opening to permit the fetus to descend into the pelvic canal. Furthermore, the patient undergoes premature progression and formation of myometrial gash junctions, in addition to inflammatory mediator enthused contractions. The other pathophysiology effect is atypical placental implantation and augmented ligamental laxity that results in back pain (Chao, et al, 2011). Physiology A normal physiologic scenario is one that is affected by innate human capability of the mother and fetus. Unlike in this scenario, Braxton-Hick or pre-labor contractions normally subside with rest or fluids and do not thus transform the cervix during actual labor contractions do. The mucus plug which keeps the cervix closed is lost, since the body facilitates the uterus contraction. Aches and provisional quick groin pains occur due to gentle straining of the ligaments attached to the pelvic bones, plus lower back. In addition, oxygen supply during labor is normally reduced due to interferences of supply of oxygenated maternal blood to placenta by the contractions (Kaimal, et al, & Cheng, 2011). There is also an increase in maternal blood supply, couple with lowering of systemic vascular resistance from blood vessels due to mounting intensity of hormones. Thus, cardiac output increases considerably leading to a decrease in blood pressure. Renal clearance is usually elevated resulting in lower-than-normal serum levels from renal markers referred to as blood-urea-nitrogen and creatinine (Kaimal, et al , & Cheng, 2011). Predisposing Factors There are numerous predisposing factors that could have led to Patience condition. First, the fact that she lost two previous pregnancies to first trimester miscarriages exposed her to preceding second-trimester dilation and evacuation, in addition to uterine anomalies like outsized fibroids and mullerian abnormalities. Second, Patience could have gone through short inter-pregnancy timeline of less than six months, considering that she may possibly have had a cervical injury, cervical insufficiency, diethylstilbestrol, or previous cervical surgery. Therefore, the premature effacement or shortening of vaginal section of Patience cervix and dilation could be due to structural weakness in her cervix) exposure, and anatomic abnormalities of the cervix (Maloni, 2012). Thirdly, fetal abnormalities or even untimely placental separation could be a causative factor, and are thus making the abruption. Other features could be demographic factors given that previous studies reveal that nonwhite races have a high probability of preterm birth, especially in Black race (Maloni & Damato, 2004). The concerns about anemia could possibly imply existence of uteroplacental insufficiency, such as hypertension, and this brought about trichomonas condition. Furthermore, she could be having low pre-pregnancy weight and body mass index, and her prenatal care was not as continuous or none at all. Others include, grave maternal infections like, urinary tract infection, placenta previa, bacterial vaginosis or intrauterine growth constraint. Moreover, hormonal changes especially mediated by maternal and fetal stress could also be a factor (Chao, et al, & Leven, 2011). Treatment Modalities Treatment modalities can begin with offering Patience prophylactic pharmacologic therapy, so as to extend her gestation and decrease her chances of getting respiratory distress syndrome or even intra-amniotic infectivity. Medicines are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Bare Bone Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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