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RUNNING HEADER: Course Content Portfolio Course Content Portfolio BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE DATE HERE Course Content Portfolio Program: Leadership and Administration in Nursing Course: Modern Administrative Theory in Health Care Environments Objectives I will provide students with the fundamental knowledge of sociological and psychological theory and practice related to human behavior and organizational policy…
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Course Content Portfolio
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Download file to see previous pages The course objectives described in the Syllabus describe the tangible application of theory as it applies to the health organization. My lesson plan objectives iterate the tangible steps by which these fundamental learnings will be absorbed and discussed. It is not only the structured hierarchies and systems in place that determine human behavior, it is the attitudes, loyalty structures, interpersonal relationship developments, ego versus emotional humility, and even socio-economic differences that distinguish accepted values related to power distance and manager/subordinate relationships. My plan objectives describe the importance of understanding advanced level psychology and social studies in order to achieve the ultimate goal of successfully persevering and thriving amid difficult or challenging health care environments. My secondary objective is to provide students with specific knowledge regarding organizational structure and organizational politics to ensure students recognize the complexity of human relationships. It is necessary to understand the real-life systems and organizational hierarchies that exist and how these have inter-dependencies which directly influence quality of relationships and political authority chains. My main objective is to teach students how to behave in quality and less-than-quality environments, thus giving an emphasis on teaching as it relates to self-restraint, behavioral modification, and professionalism. It flows from the objectives listed on the syllabus by highlighting the specific obligations and responsibilities of the student when dealing with conflict scenarios or stern authority actors in the organization. The Instructional Approach Role playing exercises are the most fundamental method of learning to facilitate the transition from understanding theory to practical application within the health care organization. Role playing creates a story by which student actors are offered diversity in multiple roles of subordination and authority. Harris (2007, p. 111) identifies that “stories resonate with life experiences and remind people of how they fit into their culture and connect to others’ culture.” The University of Wisconsin (1995) further supported that when the student is put into the role of educator, they are more likely to be engaged and achieve comprehension of what is being taught, as was described in the course syllabus. I will be providing a forum for diverse expression within a variety of instructor-led scenarios to improve retention and serve as an assessment tool as to whether or not students are grasping the concepts of transforming theory to application. Role playing also improves empathy toward others, increases confidence and self-esteem, and decreases inhibitions (Parrish, 2004). These are necessary behavior patterns required to exhibit emotional intelligence and restraint when decorum demands it in difficult health care situations and they require my talents to effectively teach. Nourse (1995) offers that students will often embrace the teachings of guest speakers as it enhances classroom variety and adds “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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