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Aims and Objectives to Ensure Learning Outcomes - Article Example

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This paper is to evaluate the use of portfolios in the assessment of learning and competence. Initial consideration of the subject revealed the need to clarify specific terminology and approaches. This article will analyse definitions of and approaches to competence and its measurement…
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Aims and Objectives to Ensure Learning Outcomes
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Extract of sample "Aims and Objectives to Ensure Learning Outcomes"

Download file to see previous pages Portfolio development emphasizes linking theory and practical experiences, stresses the significance of reflection and analysis on practice. As a mentor, the initial exercise would be to assist the student in practice to identify their current learning needs. While we attempt to understand and measure the student’s existing knowledge and learning curve, as a mentor we also need to be aware of the learning outcome to be able to exactly fulfil the backlogs or deficiencies in the student’s capacity to capture their learning. Knowing how exactly the learning outcome can be identified and validated, the student would ideally be encouraged to follow steps accordingly as these are proven and tested methods and not conducted at random. Bearing the context and purpose in mind, the gradual movement from theory to practice, considering relevant Guidelines for Professional/ Career Development in the subject field a framework is developed. The program and portfolio is a thought through process based on the current understanding and existence knowledge of the student, keeping in view the learning outcome, efforts that would be invested to ensure that all activities relevant to the learning outcome is diligently performed, assess what exactly is required to enable the professionals or students learn in relation to the pre-planned outcome. All the while as a student mentor, they would need to learn all aspects in relation to the expected outcome, chalk out a plan describing what the student mentor intends to do, in terms of setting some goals for achieving this particular outcome. It is also important to rely on appropriate resources that would be required to conclude this exercise. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Aims and Objectives to Ensure Learning Outcomes Article.
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