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Preperation of mentorship level 3 ( degree level) - Essay Example

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Education is no longer the traditional teacher-centred process but is not inclined towards being student-centred. Likewise, there has been a major…
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Preperation of mentorship level 3 ( degree level)
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"Preperation of mentorship level 3 ( degree level)"

Download file to see previous pages The portfolio is not only used as evidence but also has effective learning tool. This pattern of learning is an approach rooted and based on the principles of experiential learning2 which is cyclical process of recording, reviewing and ultimately learning from events3. It is highly important that enough attention is provided to ensure the portfolio is not just a collection of event narratives but includes reflections on these events and the lessons learnt in the process. Any evidence of learning is captured in the portfolio as evidence that reflective learning has taken place.
In compliance with the guidelines for the completion of the portfolio, we consider a few key assumptions for the purpose of this document. The attempt will be to integrate theory and practice to ensure the portfolio of learning will establish how the learning outcomes are achieved by this exercise of portfolio document
While we are aware that the concept of Portfolios are not new, it is important to acknowledge the fact that their use in initial and continuing professional development in medicine is still in its infancy and premature stage. In this context, the attempt here has been to achieve the following aims and objectives:
There is no focused attempt to address the particular constraints or resource issues that face practitioners in any educational initiative, as these are far too many and too complex for a document of this type and nature keeping in view the existing limitations. However, it does provide evidence of a range of ways in which opportunities have been created and developed by colleagues and other interested parties in establishing frameworks and mechanisms within which individual learning can be planned, appropriately documented and effectively assessed. Portfolios certainly have much to offer both learners and teachers as we move forward into the new world of revalidation, clinical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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