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Quality Improvement Plan - Essay Example

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Quality Improvement Dawn M Lawrence HCS/588 May 15, 2012 Debra Brindley RN, BSN, MSM, LHRM, CENP, CPHQ Introduction Quality Improvement is a formal approach to the analysis of performance and systematic efforts to enhance the process. In management, the organization’s leadership adopts measures to improve patient safety and overall quality…
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Quality Improvement Plan
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Download file to see previous pages Reports about quality of U.S healthcare system highlight the quality to be beneath the level of expectations (Ramsom et al, 2008). Goals The Organization Has To Meet The motive of Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) is to commend support to health care associations in their attempts accomplish improvement in the health care facilities. Ontario Government in June 2010, approved the Excellent Care of All Act (ECFAA), a legislation to promote a civilization of relentless eminence development emphasizing the requirements of patients as the priority. Under such act, emphasis is laid for- a) commitment to provide elevated quality of health facilities; b) generating a constructive patient know-how to be familiar with the procedure; c) making certain that the procedure is approachable and answerable to the community and meet the expectations of the people; d) grasping its managerial group responsible for its attainment; e) identify the importance of clarity to pursue the procedure (Our Performance- Quality Improvement Plan). Departments, Programs & Activities To attain the projected health quality, active participation of clinicians is vital prerequisite for the quality improvement. Health professionals possess varied hierarchies and networks with least communication concerning quality of care. Clinicians with clear understanding about the quality of health care facilities as well as try to improve what is lacking are likely to be the winners. In health care sector, patient is the customer and seeks best health care and concern. Growing awareness for health care in the community also enhances the expectations of the people for high quality health care facilities. It is highly significant to design QIP keeping four constraints in consideration encompassing- safety, efficacy, accessibility and the patient focused plan. Quality Improvement Plans gyrates around these four principles as patient focuses plants is the main highlight of QIP. For the successful implementation of the QIP, it is essential for the health care providers to recognize the working of the plan. An appropriate understanding aids in enhancing the quality of patient's care and concern. QIP is a collective effort and involves contribution of all the staff members for its success encompassing effective implementation of the appropriate processes. Responsible individuals are required to take ownership of the developed QIP processes. The process is analyzed by means of focus on data and identification of problem(s) as well as by measuring performance. The amendments made in the QIP must be tested and the data procured must be analyzed to ensure that the basis of improvement is changes, progress in quality improvement involves the procedure and success attained encompass two parameters what is done and how it is being done (Quality Improvement Plan Guidance Document). The legislation necessitates that all health care associations must set up a quality board to keep an account on excellence associated matters; build up an annual QIP and make it available to the community, connect administrative payment to the attainment of objectives embarked in the excellence enhancement grounding, perform employee's assessments, build up a patient pronouncement of standards ensuing community consultation to deal with and enhance the patient's understanding. Thus, the annual QIP should encompass yearly performance enhancement objectives together with the justification ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Quality Improvement Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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