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Organizational improvement plan part 3 - Research Paper Example

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Quality Improvement Plan 3 G.V. (Sonny) Montgomery VA Medical Center Helen Taylor Quality Improvement Plan 3 G.V. (Sonny) Montgomery VA Medical Center Introduction Although patient fall is a common accident occurring in medical centers, it is preventable and centers should strive to reach a percentage of patient fall rate as close as possible to zero…
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Organizational improvement plan part 3
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will look into the institution’s measures to reduce the fall rates by integrating quality improvement strategies in performance measures, applying information technology, and involving benchmark and milestones. Methodologies for Integrating Quality Improvement in Performance Measurement Quality improvement strategies achieve their full potential when they are part of the performance measurement. This plan tries to avoid duplicating ideas in the methods of integration to prevent “unnecessary confusion on providers and confusion among consumers” (Board on Healthcare Services, 2006, p. 83) present in other medical institutions’ plans. In doing so, the plan will focus on the most important elements identified to decrease patient fall rates and achieve the hospital’s ideal rate. Three quality improvement strategies, audit and feedback, patient education, and provider education, can be beneficial when used in performance measurements such as process measures and outcome measures. Process measures are useful to “quantify the delivery of recommended procedures or service” (Institute of Medicine et al., 2003, p. ...
For instance, provider education is a priority when the center wants to transfer efficiency to patient education as part of the process measures. An advantage of having a framework is that it lessens duplicating quality of the aims; however, it has less to do with the actual performance of methodology. Public reporting is another method to improve the plan’s decrease of patient fall rate. This method “sought to inform consumer choice and stimulate provider improvement” (Smith, Mossailos, & Papanicolas, 2008, p. 10). The method requires full participation of the consumers to have adequate data to assess the provider. However, the reports proved to have “very little impact on the behavior of practitioners or organizations” (Smith, Mossailos, & Papanicolas, 2008, p. 11) when the practitioners are unaware of how the initiative goes and there is little or no financial incentive attached to it, which in turn, would make the method useless and a waste of effort. Using information systems or data gathering is the initial process of quality improvement (Smith, Mossailos, & Papanicolas, 2008). Through it, providers would have an overview on which aspect they have to improve. This is beneficial because it improves the institution as a whole, using technology. However, technology is rapidly advancing and keeping with the latest developments would mean a large sum of investment (Smith, Mossailos, & Papanicolas, 2008). Financial budgeting would be a problem, if not shouldered by a bigger organization or the government. These methodologies are interconnected and all include information dissemination and organized practice. Taking into consideration this institution organizational ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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