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Critique of a Research Report - Essay Example

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Critical Analysis Nursing homes and hospitals play a crucial role in a patient’s life and those of their families. A change in the nursing home system and/or the nursing performance influences the viewpoints and level of trust of patients and their families…
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Critique of a Research Report
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Extract of sample "Critique of a Research Report"

Download file to see previous pages Substantive and Theoretical Dimension: The relocation of patients is a serious issue that causes different impacts on residents and their families. Also, the relocation of patients causes changes in clinical outcomes, influencing the perceptions of residents in a negative manner. This is a crucial issue that must be addressed by nursing home administrators. A large number of residents rely on nursing home facilities to treat critical health conditions. Their relocation to other facilities greatly impact their perceptions and thoughts towards nursing home facilities (Loiselle, McGrath, Polit, & Beck, 2010). But in this study, the researchers have not pinpointed any clear significant importance of the study, nor have they backed up this weakness with a justification. “A framework is the overall conceptual underpinnings of a study. Not every study is based on a theory or model, but every study has a framework – a theoretical rationale” (Loiselle & McGrath, 2011, pg. 129). The conceptual framework of this study is based on the views of residents who have experienced nursing home relocation and changes in clinical system. ...
The research question and adopted method is well balanced, as the study aims to explore the impact of nursing home relocation on residents and families. To this end, the authors have robustly examined the sample taken from the 120 residents of a nursing home. However, it is apparent that the researchers have not alluded to any relevant theory that could have assisted their understanding in general outcomes of relocation decisions (Loiselle, McGrath, Polit, & Beck, 2010). However, other nursing articles demonstrate that the theoretical frameworks of the researches are primarily based on grounded theory methodology. Defined as a type of study that focuses on an evolving social experience- the social and psychological stages and phases that characterize a particular event or episode (Loiselle & McGrath, 2011, pg. 44). For instance, Yeboah (2009) study clearly shows that grounded theory was used to derive out another relevant theory in order, to study the relationship between relocation to nursing homes and its impact on the residents. Similarly, Meleis (2010) study shows that transition theory has been derive out through grounded theory methodology in order, to study the bond between transition event and nursing perceptions. Additionally, the studies including books and journals used by Hoffman, Capezuti and Norman seem quite relevant and useful as a number of nursing studies have been used as a reference. But, critically it has observed that authors have not aimed to overcome the shortcomings of the previous studies closely related to the subject matter. Although it is considered important to highlight the weaknesses of previous studies and then present a new one with advancements and improvements (Loiselle & McGrath, 2011) it is not totally incorrect ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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