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Leadership in Healthcare Institutions [Name of Student] [Name of Institution] Introduction Every organization is defined by unique procedures that dictate the quality of services it offers. It is, therefore, a duty of organizational leaders to identify potentials of their workforces and utilize them appropriately…
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Interview of Health Care Leader
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Download file to see previous pages In healthcare institutions, for instance, leadership plays important roles at any management level. That is, effectiveness of healthcare providers depends on how leaders within the institutions perform their leadership roles. While assessing efficiency of a leader, Gunderman (2008) recommends that it is important to, first, understand true leadership qualities. This paper presents a report of an interview of a healthcare leader about leadership-related issues. The report is given using various subheadings. General Description of a Leader As noted by Mason et al. (2011), leadership styles adopted by various organizations vary from one organization to another. Ledlow & Coppola (2010), nevertheless, observe that certain traits are universally possessed by leaders in all organizations. One universal trait is ability to have a clear vision. A leader has a clear and vivid picture of where his/her firm is and where it is moving towards. That is, a leader not only has a firm grip on firm’s success, but also focuses on implementing suitable ways of achieving a success. Good communication skills also, collectively, form a general description of a leader. In heath centers, all leaders invoke others to follow them through a clear language intertwined with passion. Self discipline and discipline towards others is also an important aspect of leadership. All healthcare leaders have discipline while solving various issues, either single-mindedly or with his/her colleague. Specific Leadership Qualities Integrity is one quality that leaders in health centers posses. Integrity, according to Finkelman (2006), entails matching inner values and outward actions. In other words, an individual of high integrity possess firm principles, which results to consistency in the inner or outer personalities. Dedication and commitment are also essential leadership qualities. A dedicated leader exhausts all available resource and sometimes takes risks just to accomplish a task. Magnanimity, which requires leaders to give credit where it is due, is a leadership quality that improves morale of workers. However, while recognizing efforts of colleagues and junior workers, health institution leaders should be humble. A humble leader, as explained by Finkelman (2006), does not self-efface but tries to elevate all workers. Openness, as another quality, enables leaders to learn new ideas and methods of executing various roles. Openness and humility, therefore, makes leaders to be fair, which is another quality. Fairness, as a quality, compels leaders to humbly accept ideas, criticisms, and equally treat his/her colleagues. While giving others room to air out their views, leaders should be creative. Creativity enables leaders to think outside a box that hamper apt solutions. Other qualities include assertiveness, having a sense of humor, and being honest in all dealings. Personal Philosophy of Leadership Leadership is a quality that is best understood by supervisors, administrators, or generally, an overseer (Yoder-Wise, 2010). A leader, in any organization, leads a crowd to a right path where organizational goals are easily accomplished. While walking in this path, a leader acknowledges problems and finds suitable solutions. Finding suitable solutions involves discussions and sharing of ideas, especially with individuals with whom they share common goals. During discussion sessions, a leader organizes a large crowd into small groups and allocates them ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Interview of Health Care Leader Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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