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Cultural Competency and Diversity - Essay Example

Adapting different cultural beliefs and practices requires flexibility of the nurses and a respect for others’ point of view. Cultural competency calls for nurses to listen really to the patient and learn about the health beliefs of the patients and the illness (ACE, 2011). To provide a culturally appropriate care, a nurse needs to know and understand culturally influenced health behaviors. In their training, the nurses learn how to respect the rights and dignity of clients at their disposal. However, as the world literally becomes small, the nurses do interact with individuals from the various cultures (ACE, 2011). Therefore, competency and respect for others are very necessary in the due course of their operation. Cultural diversity is prevalent in our society and this has a clear demonstration in the clients and the co-workers of the health care system. The beliefs of different persons about the medical health care may be difficult to understand. Therefore, the nurses have to develop cultural competency that requires them to have awareness of the numerous belief systems that exist (Miller, 2008). Cultural sensitivity, which includes stereotyping, discrimination, and racism, may portray intention to offend someone else. The nurses should never assume any individual stance based on beliefs, cultural practice, or thoughtful manner. They should instead show respect for their clients irrespective of their personality or religious background. Nurses should up hold a sensitive and effective

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Cultural Competency in Health Promotion
Patients have taken some decisions which are bad in medical fields but which are acceptable according to their culture. To improve such behaviors some factors were considered. Common health traditions based on my cultural heritage The most outstanding cultural belief is that the doctor is all-knowing and can detect one’s illnesses without necessarily being told by the patient.
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Does globalization threaten cultural diversity
Globalization does not threaten cultural diversity but enhances greater understanding and cooperation amongst people, communities and nations at large. Culture can broadly be described as values, system of people and community that is sustained through generations and provides them with distinct identity within the defined parameters of social fabric.
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Cultural Competency and Cultural Humility in Nursing Practice
Since many people have undying respect for their culture it is almost impossible to change their cultural outlook. This has led to development of critical issues especially in the nursing profession. Nurses and physicians tend to encounter cultural diversity on a daily basis in the course of their working.
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Cultural diversity research paper
The Australian multicultural policy is not only apprehensive with national personality and nationality under the lens of equality but it is also concerned with government actions over the years. Multicultural policy is of great importance to Australia in term of core values and duties, which arise from the political gains from migrants, and elimination of the social planks of injustice, which is a policy for previous government.
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Cultural Diversity
Today, most workplace environments involve people with cultural backgrounds that are different in terms of ethnicity and social grouping (Moule and Diller, 2012). In such environments, the employees are required to have awareness and skills of cultural competence in terms of the diversity in the environment.
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Cultural competency means that a certain type of skill or ability is characteristic of a certain culture which is not present in other cultures. If this peculiarity is being properly used, it can level the playing field in business relations. Diversity in global economy means the use of a material or method different from what is traditionally utilized or practiced.
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Cultural Competency in Medicine
India takes pride in being one of the most ancient civilizations of the world. The name 'India' is derived from the river Indus. Valleys around this river were home to the early settlers, the Aryans. The world's first university was established in Takshila in 700 BC.
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Cultural Competency
In the present context, the community school is faced with huge challenges when children from 30 immigrant families, majority of who do not speak English, are admitted in the new session. Dr. Guanipa (1998)
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Cultural Diversity
According to the report globalization is bringing people to a single world society. Herein, it will not be incorrect to state that globalization is impacting the current trends of the hospitality industry. The reason behind it is that people from different cultures are working in this industry with different culturally diverse people and patients. 
8 pages (2000 words)Essay
Cultural Competency
Moreover, research has estimated that by 2040, no single ethnic group will make up the majority of school-age children. This could imply that the student population is continuously enriched with a complex mix of cultures from different nationalities across the world. Some of
3 pages (750 words)Essay
communication whether verbally or non-verbally (ACE, 2011). Generally, cultural sensitivity and cultural competency are important parts of nursing that provide respect for others in the basic introductory course of nursing. Cultural sensitivity and competency contribute to the development of an effective nurse-client relationship but, unlike other cultural aspects of nursing, they remain forever. Beliefs about Health and Wellness The health and the wellness of an individual rely solely on the integrated effects of the mind. This trait is set in the mind of the individual in the backdrop of the environment where the individual is brought up. The western culture disregards holism and considers wellness in terms of the modern medicine. This belief totally contrasts with that of most of the traditional cultures across the globe (Miller, 2008). Varied cultures may share remarkable similarities in their healing modalities, especially when considering the isolation of one another in the healing knowledge process. The world is experiencing a growing demand for wellness as the age of individual progresses. Wellness is not just the absence of disease but comprises of teachings of the old ways where the individual balances the mind, body, and emotions. It means living in harmony with all aspects of one’s environment (ACE, 2011). It is having a sound cultural identification that is generally recognizable. Illness crops in when the balance of wholeness is broken. There are as many cultural beliefs about healing as the number of communities. This is because of the isolated cultural evolutionary process in the context for the need of health and wellness (Miller, 2008). These beliefs have a remarkable degree of similarity in the principles of comparing the rich and the
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Cultural competency Name Institution Nurses need to understand their own worldviews and those of the patients and avoid stereotypes and misapplication of scientific knowledge in order to be culturally competent. Cultural competence among the nurses refers to the extraction of information from a certain source and the application of that knowledge professionally (ACE, 2011)…
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Cultural Competency and Diversity
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