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NM3272 Summative Assessment: Additional Guidance on Short-Answer Questions - Essay Example

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NM3272 Summative Assessment: Additional guidance on short-answer questions This assessment consists of four short pieces of structured writing. All questions in the following boxes must be answered. There is no choice in this assessment. The structure of each piece of writing is provided below…
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NM3272 Summative Assessment: Additional Guidance on Short-Answer Questions
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Extract of sample "NM3272 Summative Assessment: Additional Guidance on Short-Answer Questions"

Download file to see previous pages Flo got a demonstration and several opportunities to practice before an assessment made. Direct observation is one of the methods of assessment that is applicable in this case. Observation is significant in assessing a learner’s competence including cognitive skills like knowledge, synthesis and comprehension. Additionally, through observation, a learner’s attentiveness, retention of details and motor reproduction of skills is subject to assessment. The fact that observation gives direct and real time results makes it the most obvious form of assessment for practical lessons. This method is very effective in providing feedback on what and how much a student has learnt, and on how effective the teaching methods are. Indeed, Flo was observed when simulating or doing a certain procedure and in this way, I was able to grade her based on real life presentation. This enables the provision of two way feedback on the effectiveness of teaching methods while at the same time, the learner gets to know his or her capabilities on reproduction of skills. Observation was also applicable in Flo’s assessment when checking proficiency of emergency equipment like the intubation box, which she did proficiently. 1.2 The observation method is very valid and reliable in assessing the learner. Indeed, observation was valid in giving real time results. Moreover, the assessor would observe Flo as she goes about with the procedures. As such, the assessment is valid in that the student and the assessor are present and the results are relevant to the assessment. Indeed, according to the feedback I received from the team about Flo’s performance whilst on this placement I can confirm that this method is valid. The observation method was reliable in allowing direct assessment of cognitive skills like knowledge, synthesis and comprehension. In addition, observation provides an opportunity to observe real time practice for instance presentation on endotracheal suction according to Trust Policy and confirm subsequent results. The results from the observation methods are reliable since they are not subject to manipulations and bias as they happen in reality. WORD COUNT 1.3 In addition, conducting structured interviews was another method of assessing the learner in the same area. Interviews take place verbally with previously prepared questions or where a leaner explains a concept verbally for assessment. Interviews with pre-test questions allow a student to be more comfortable and true to the assessment hence improving validity and reliability. In contrast to interviews, observation assesses a learner’s competence in cognitive skills like knowledge, synthesis, and comprehension, attentiveness, retention of details and motor reproduction of skills. It gives real time outcomes and measures the effectiveness of the feedback and teaching methods. Interviews with pre-test questions allow a student to be more comfortable unlike observing a student, which can sometimes seem like prying on private space. Hence, in situations where relaxed answers that are not pressurized are necessary, interviews apply. Indeed, where students are not comfortable in taking part in a supervised assessment, interviews supersede. I resolved these contradictions by undertaking a personal assessment on Flo before deciding on the method of assessment. This was helpful in ascertaining the most ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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NM3272 Summative Assessment: Additional Guidance on Short-Answer Essay.
“NM3272 Summative Assessment: Additional Guidance on Short-Answer Essay”, n.d.
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