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Cleaning tasks in home care - Essay Example

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Essay Customer Inserts His/Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts (17 01, 2013) Outline 1. Introduction 2. Role of home health aide 3. Principles of safe home environment 4. Procedure, equipments and supplies for house hold tasks 5…
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Cleaning tasks in home care
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Download file to see previous pages This essay describes the role of home health aide in maintaining a clean, safe and healthy environment. The essay further talks about principles of safe home environment and procedures for house hold tasks. It explains how to clean utensils, linen and personal items. Guidelines on organizing the household tasks are discussed in this paper. 2. Role of home health aide. Home health aide gives safety, cleanliness and health assistance by giving personalized care, checking for physical dangers and report to medical authority about the client. By helping in bathing, dressing and toileting they reduce the chances of discomfort and infections (Prieto, 2008, p. 184). Assistance in movement, taking medication and feeding reduces accidents. Purchasing, preparing, serving and feeding ensure the client remain healthy. In some cases the home health aide educates the client and family which facilitate their cooperation when it comes to maintaining a safe, clean and healthy environment. Home health aide gives support to client and family by ensuring the surrounding is comfortable and can allow safe mobility (Anene 2009, p. 46). 3. Principles of safe home environment. To maintain a safe home environment avoid objects that could cause stumbling. One can put hand rails or bars in the house for support. Cabinets with dangerous substances and tools should be locked. Allow temperature for water heater to be adjusted to prevent burns. Naked flames should not be left unattended. Moreover, ensure there is an equipped first aid kit and functional fire extinguisher ready and accessible. Communication should be encouraged. A safe environment will ensure that there is no risk of burns, drowning, chocking, cuts, falls, loud noise, falling objects, broken items, robes and naked electric wires. It may be necessary to implement a system of monitoring movement like a door alarm, bell or supervision. Ensure there is a working telephone in case of an emergency. The home health aide can practice appropriate body mechanics when moving, lifting and transferring client (Birchenall and Streight 2003, p. 4). In addition cover the mouth when coughing and wear a mask if the client is coughing frequently. Avoid sitting or standing too close to the patient when they cough or have flu. Ensure there is ventilation to allow flow of fresh air. Soiled cloths, linen and items should be kept away from the clean ones. They can be kept together in a room. The soiled linen can be wrapped so that the soiling is at the middle and does not spill. 4. Procedure, equipments and supplies for house hold tasks. Leahy et al (2008, p. 17) point out that, it is necessary to collect and get the right equipment and supplies to protect self and to avoid infection when cleaning. House hold equipments and supplies required include: broom, mop, dust pan, disinfectant, bleach, rag, scrub brush, vacuum and scrap. Infection control measures should be considered in every procedure. Wear gloves when performing tasks and handling soiled linen, equipment or cloths. Clean hands regularly, preferably before and after completing tasks. Separate dirty and clean areas. The bathroom should be cleaned with cloth and the toilet wiped with a disposable cloth. When cleaning the kitchen start with the top to bottom, wipe spills and throw garbage daily. To clean the bathroom cleaning starts from top to bottom then clean sinks, shower and then the toilet. The floor and the water spills should be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cleaning Tasks in Home Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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