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Analysis of a Disability Deafness - Essay Example

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Deafness Chapter 14 of the New Jersey administrative code focuses on the special education for the persons with disability who live in the state of New Jersey. The chapter, as provided by the constitution of New Jersey, recommends that all students with disability have access to free public education that is taught to every eligible student…
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Analysis of a Disability Deafness
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Download file to see previous pages Deaf people normally have a complete to partial hearing loss. They intentionally watch the lips of the person talking to them and intentionally move theirs, and have a tendency to ask people to repeat what they had said. In young children, the signs of deafness or the complete inability to hear may be characterized by lack of attention, lack of vocal communication, or reduced educational language development. Deaf person’s educational achievement is hindered by inability to hear, which affect their average class performance due to decreased levels of concentration in class. Deaf person’s social life in classrooms is also affected as most of them experience various levels of discrimination. Persons with disability also face difficulties in their education since they regularly change their career interests. This is caused by their inability to decide on the major fields of study that they are interested in to broaden their education. This affects their education in secondary or post-secondary education. Behaviors common with the deaf children includes the inability of students to concentrate in class. Students also have a low level of preparation in the classroom for the academic programs. When completely dissatisfied, they tend to cause disruptions in class. This can be by making too much noise, or even sleeping during class period. Deaf students also have a tendency to rely on third party students to provide them with important information. This behavior affects their performance both academically and socially. There are a number of changes or adaptive mechanisms that can be put in place in my class to accommodate these students. One of the basic support services to include should be the tutoring service. Secondly, the deaf student should have a special interpreter to enable them understand important concepts in class. The deaf students who suffer complete hearing should be given an interpreter who should also act as their mentor. This will also boost their morale and social cohesion in the class. Thirdly, these students in my class should be given or provided with academic advising services that will help them make the right career choice in life. This will play a major role in ensuring that their future is secured. Access and support services should also be provided to them to ensure that they are not stigmatized for being different to others in life. Stigmatization can be done by the provision of mentors in life. Real time captioning should also be provided. Captioning can be done through articulate use of visual aids such as projector to show images where it should be left for enough time for the students to understand the meaning. Classroom participation and involvement should also be encouraged. Participation will also enable the teacher to identify the areas in which the student has problems. Some social considerations need to be made in order for the deaf students to feel socially considered. This can be done by encouraging participation in classroom activities as well as extra and co-curricular activities. They should also be involved in decisions making in the class since they are members of that class. Members of the class should also be taught how to relate with deaf students. Being a student, I have had an experience with one deaf students in my class. The student had a hard time catching up with the dictation in class. most of the times, the deaf student had to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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