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The Assessment Techniques for the Development of the Better User Interface Design - Assignment Example

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 This essay provides a deep insight into the assessment techniques for the development of the better user interface design. This research is aim at presenting a deep analysis of the user requirements assessment, understanding of users, their tasks, and the environment in which they work…
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The Assessment Techniques for the Development of the Better User Interface Design
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Extract of sample "The Assessment Techniques for the Development of the Better User Interface Design"

Download file to see previous pages I have chosen the website Amazon ( This is an online e-commerce website that provides the facility to purchase and view all the types of daily used items. Here we can purchase books, electronics, computers, jewelry, spare parts and approximately all the types of daily used items.
After conducting the interview we access the data we gathered and interpret the data for the results analysis (Helander, Landauer & Prabhu, 1997). In the end, we make a decision how to operate on results. In this technique, we need a user and his devotion to the working. If that user is not devoted to providing information then we have to select diverse classes of the user for contextual inquiry. This is extremely long and user-centered method (UsabilityNet, 2006).
The main strength of this approach is its deductive approach to the assessment of any problem (Hom, 2003). In our analysis of website (, this approach will extremely helpful regarding the better assessment of the main functionality of the
Next main strength of this approach is the incorporation of both stakeholders in process of the assessment. Here designer or analyzer develops a list of main questions need to ask the user for the assessment of the system. The user analyzes the system and answers the question in the interview (Hom, 2003). In our website, analysis user answers the questions and has a better interaction with the system working and functionalities.
This approach of the user experience analysis incorporates complete user experience.   In the interview, a user can answer and also provide valuable information regarding the system designing and analysis. In the website ( analysis we can incorporate the main suggestions form the user experience. User suggestions can help to enhance the overall designing of the system (website) (UsabilityNet, 2006).   
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