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Projects and their management - Essay Example

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To provide students pursuing sandwich degrees with web pages constituting varied form fields that will allow them supply their personal details and create CVs in a bid to reach their prospective jobs or companies.
To provide a back end database system that will be useful in the…
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Projects and their management
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Download file to see previous pages The organization has a team of 3 staff members charged with the duty to place students in a year in the job market that can contribute to the professional development of the students. This service makes the existence of SEC placement team more relevant in the face of the employers’ increasing demand for experience both for old and new graduates. To better its services, SPT could take advantage of the increasing use of web tools among students to make the placement services more efficient and convenient. Even though this would be a costly endeavor for a start-up placement enterprise, SPT longstanding existence can allow it use the revenue that it has accumulated in the past to build this web product intended to make placement exercises efficient and convenient and efficient for students and for SPT itself.
SPT project will follow the conventional software process that is typical of all IT projects. The phases will include: business specification, system design, product development, testing, system implementation and maintenance and evaluation. Business specification will entail elicitation and assessment of the user and system requirements. Design will entail translation of the defined requirements into a set of design models, out of which the involve team will choose the best design. Development will entail translation of the design model that the developers settle on into program codes whose operation will follow the user requirements without compromising on the system requirements. Testing will involve assessment of whether the developed product functions as per the user-supplied requirements. Implementation will involve use of the developed system in the production environment, where students and other intended end-users will try executing their routinely duties to satisfy their respective needs. Maintenance and evaluation will involve caring for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Projects and Their Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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