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Evaluation of Web Accessibility for the Visual Disabled - Essay Example

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This research and analysis based report is about the human-computer interaction based analysis for the accessibility issues for the web system in case of visual disabilities. The main intention of human-computer interaction based evaluation in this research…
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Evaluation of Web Accessibility for the Visual Disabled
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"Evaluation of Web Accessibility for the Visual Disabled"

Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses that the human-computer interaction based evaluation technique is the most useful way for the assessment of usability for the system inspection regarding system design and working. However, the heuristic evaluation and human-computer interaction are performed as a systematic inspection of a newly developed system that is intended to offer the user a better support and easy to use interface during working. Furthermore, human-computer Interaction evaluation encompasses a small set of usability analysis parameters that are used to weigh up the system working capabilities and user interface related aspects (Dix et al., 1998; Marchionini & Sibert, 1991). This research and analysis based report is about the human-computer interaction based analysis for the accessibility issues for the web system in case of visual disabilities. The main intention of human-computer interaction based evaluation in this research is to find out the system related accessibility issues in the system design for people having visual disabilities.
Maeda (2004) stated that in last few years, huge sets of World Wide Web accessibility and usability guiding principle have been produced. Frequently these rules meet. For instance, when we view a picture in HTML, we are able to as well identify substitute text for that picture. This makes the website further supportive for all viewers for the reason that a number of them cannot be able to see graphical descriptions in their web browser. In addition, the design of websites develops a profusion of usability confronts. Also, the websites are extremely multifaceted, holding hyperlinked credentials, complex direction-finding scheme, and community information areas.
This report has presented a detailed analysis of a software tool by applying the Jakob Nielsen's heuristics evaluation module for the people having visual disabilities. In this report, I have analyzed the ACE-Project for the usability analysis in case of system usage by disabled people. In this analysis, I have found that ACE-Project offers excellent functionalities and working capabilities for normal people however in case of visually disabled people this web-based system does not offer help. In this scenario, I have recommended some of features and facilities for the disabled people. These additional features are helpful redesigning the system to support a large number of disabled people who desire to use this system. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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