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Safe Cannulation: Procedure & Risks - Essay Example

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Safe Cannulation: Procedure & Risks Introduction: Cannulation is the process in which a cannula (a small hollow plastic tube) is inserted into and kept inside the vein for a period of time. The purpose of cannulation is to administer fluids or medication to the patient or to gather data…
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Safe Cannulation: Procedure & Risks
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Extract of sample "Safe Cannulation: Procedure & Risks"

Download file to see previous pages Although brief pain can be experienced when the needle is inserted, the process does not cause significant pain (Intravenous cannulation, n.d.). At times, the medication or fluid being administered may cause the patient to feel slight pain or a stinging sensation, which can be an indication that it is time for the cannula to be removed and replaced with a new one, if required. Learning Objectives Select the appropriate equipment for procedures Identify own professional responsibilities in relation to these procedures Demonstrate an understanding of normal anatomy and the physiology of the arm when selecting appropriate sites for cannulation Follow infection control guidelines when performing the procedure (hand hygiene and skin preparation) Identify complications, causes, and treatments Demonstrate correct technique for cannulation insertion Discuss the importance of documentation and post-cannulation care Equipment Tourniquet Sharps bin 5ml syringe Sterile container Cleansing wipes Cannulas Clean gauze/sterile dressing (Cole, 2008). Complications and Professional Responsibilities Learning the skill of cannulation is not likely to be achieved in just one attempt, but is rather an area of theory and skill that will be learned gradually and continuously, even after qualification as a registered practitioner (Kazui, 2001). In most hospitals, teaching sessions are arranged to cover the theoretical and practical aspects of the cannulation procedure (Cole, 2008). Although such training should enable practitioners to perform cannulation adequately, it is always important for practitioners to recognise their own limitations, and to know when to refer a situation to an individual with greater experience (Dougherty & Lister, 2010). In clinical practice, complications can occur; many practitioners have accidentally stabbed themselves and others. It must be remembered that as a registered practitioner, you are personally responsible for any needle stick injuries that may occur; therefore, it is vital that you prevent such injuries by using the appropriate equipment and following guidelines (Paramedic Centre, 2011). The Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics of the Health Professions Council states “You must not do anything, or allow someone else to do anything, that you have good reason to believe will put the health or safety of a service user in danger” (HPC, 2008). An important aspect in the prevention of extravasation is good visualisation of the entry site. However, palpation is often a more accurate guide for vein selection than visualisation. If extravasation occurs, the infusion should be stopped and medical advice sought (Intravenous cannulation, n.d.). Procedure When inserting the cannula, the point of the cannula should be placed directly over the middle of the vein, with the bevelled surface facing upwards (Cole, 2008). It should be introduced into the vein using a smooth action and not manipulated under the skin, as this will damage tissues and may lead to bleeding. A flashback of blood in the chamber signals that the cannula has entered the lumen of the vein. Pressure should not be applied to the vein over the position of the catheter, as this will damage the vein. Containers should not be overfilled and any incidents that do occur must be reported through the official channels. Because the risk of injury is increased if the patient moves suddenly or unexpectedly, the procedure ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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