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The Design Procedure for Fire Suppression Systems - Research Paper Example

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Before the project starts, there are many questions that the project management team must answer to determine the ‘lay of the land.’ The very first concern is process description. The process description starts…
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The Design Procedure for Fire Suppression Systems
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Download file to see previous pages The team must unearth whether the process is a chemical synthesis or merely a mixing process.
The team must also ascertain the pressure and temperature conditions of the raw materials. Accordingly, the project management team must proactively assess and understand the duration of the process and the role of each operation staffs. The team must also consider such factors as the existence of purification or drying step. The mechanism of packaging and storage, as well as storage of finished products, call for attention. In addition, it is significant to gain an understanding of the unit operation and process within the facility. Such information results from the study of process and instrumentation diagrams and narrative process description. Finally, there must be a complete list of hazardous materials. The list must be accompanied by chemical names, container type and size, and solution concentrations.
Various codes and criteria particularly on the industrial and chemical plants provides critically relevant and essential information on the fire suppression and detection designs. FPE identifies the applicable codes as well as standards for a given industrial process and assists particular facility operators to fathom their respective and appropriate to particular situations. The codes and standard are in line with the understanding of engineering benchmarks for manufacturing procedures and facility design. The design and industrial operation also rests on the underwriting requirements. The FM Global datasheets are critical in determining the requirements for a range of industrial facilities that shapes the fire suppression designs. Underwriting standards presents valuable data against the hazards further impacting the fire suppression designs. Finally, the design process for fire suppression richly rests on the technical information from FM Global Datasheets 7-44 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Design Procedure for Fire Suppression Systems Research Paper.
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